Chanel @ Weekly Hot Buys

so the new hotbuys arrived at the plaza yesterday, i have to say i'm not really sure about this new concept. i mean on one hand it's nice to get so many new hotbuys in a month but on the other hand it's pretty expensive. if you are a hotbuys collector you have to buy much more pieces (but collecting hot buys isn't really worth the effort anymore since hot buys are getting worse and worse). however this time i recognized something.


this little bag which SD just released with the other WEEKLY HOT BUYS is definitely inspired by the so called CHANEL LEGO CLUTCH and if you had your eyes on this seasons streetstyle you may have seen it already. 




this bag makes me think about those good old days when i was a child and i used to sit in my room and played lego all day. i could build anything i wanted to. ... yes i miss those days. CHANEL turned this innocent child memoires into a bag isn't that totally awsome (for all those rich people who can afford it). 

i liked the fact SD took this bag an brought it into the plaza BUT i didn't liked what they made out of this bag aka my childhood memories. they turned it pink and blue i mean WTF. i bought the bag anyways but only because i had the chance to buy it when the price was still 12 starcoins instead of stardollar (sorry but now this glitch is fixed). i love the chanel version and really want to create an outfit where i can use the SD version but i know that's going to be next to impossible. i mean i know that SD can't recreate something exactly how it looks normaly but pink and blue arn't the only freaking colors in the world and as they slightly changed the shape of the bag why couldn't they stick to the green color (or blue, or white, or yellow, or dark blue, or purple as you can see i could go on forever). i think i just have to accept the fact that SD is strongly focusing on other targets (with the age between 6 and 11) which is sad because they didn't always do that. 

so long