Being Addicted (graphisme special)

to fashion it's normal to have something like a style icon someone who we just love for being outrageously well dressed. without input there is no output is what i always say, if you want to be creative you need to have inspiration and dressing is (for those of us who care) a way of being creative. i'm not having only one style icon but there is one persone who i would kill to meet her once (crazy i know) ... CHLOË SEVIGNY i think she totally rocks. after watching her in KIDS i was impressed and start watching some more movies in which she appeared. i wouldn't say i'm obsessed but i like to see how she is dressing. ok back to virtuality i thought about stardoll style icons and try to think if there is a doll which has the same importance to the development of my medolls style like sevigny has for my personal style. with the posts GRAPHISME 1 and 2 i already presented some wonderful dolls having a style which totally blows my mind but i wouldn't say they are style icons for me. wandering throught the memories of all my SD experiences and i remembered one doll which showed me how to be different on SD and to not care about the hype or trend but to believe in your very own style: 

 kreatura, age ?, slovakia

when i joined SD for the first time (yes i had an account befor A_Horror but i deleted it so no need to be curious haha) i was a bit lost. this side was so huge  to me so many members and no idea how to start, but when i found kreaturas suit it seemed like i had finally arrived. i know maybe i'm taking this too serious but being new on SD and not being invited by a friend is pretty much like being the new kid in school. you need to figure out who you are and on which table in the cafeteria you want to sit at.

what makes her sytle so important to me is that it seems to be influnced by the 60's, 70's and 80's like a big time travel using clothes as transportation but it never occurred to look like a chaos. you could find this kind of style out in the streets of stockholm or oslo maybe london but it is hard to find it on the streets of SD and above all she was the first doll i saw who seems to try to create somekind of a indiepndent style (using stardesign to create joy division and clockwork orange tees and not harry potter or twighlight shirts) that impressed me. when i rejoined SD 2009 the first thing i did was checking if kreatura still is a member. 

she hasn't been very active the last months thats why you can't visit all of her rooms (above you can see a room inspired by the music video for THE WHITE STRIPE'S song seven nation army) her absence is kind of sad as SD has not so much dolls this unique and creative and sadly i never got the chance talking to her because i was way to shy, yes i know stupid me but to keep her work alive i just thougth of doing this post to show her to all my readers.


and some more examples of her amazing taste in fashion. (i hope that doesn't sound arrogant but) you see at the end of the day even i needed someone who helped me developing my medolls style but i never copied. that's pretty much what i'm trying to say having an icon nevermind if in- or outside of SD is not a problem. it can help you to develope your own sense of style but coping doesn't bring you closer to a unique appearance. you may check kreaturas suit even though she hasn't been online for a long time it's worth a glimbse anyway. 

stay edgy



Guess What

i found at the starplaza? before i answer this question i would like to inform you about the starplaza sale, i know that this sale is appearing evey month but the special thing about this one is that you can get those wonderfull DECADES collection which is inspired by MIU MIU and PRADA for half of the original prize. i'm not really patient that's why i bought almost everything form this collection when it first arrived at the plaza but if you haven't checked those clothes out before and if you want to save some $ now is your chance just visit the 6th and 7th floor of the decades shop and go for it. 

and now the answer to the question: what i found at the starplaza is the wonderfull top handle bag by prada. for me this bag is like a dream because i will never have enough money to buy it. but my doll get the chance to have this little "designwunder" in her wardrobe (yes i know that really sounds strange). 

this is the SD version it's called white doctor's purse and because of the sale you can get it for 2$

 this is the original prada version looking at this real life version i think SD did a good job with the virtual one

besides this handbag i also bought a dress, the original version is part of the miu miu fall 2011 ready to wear collection.

here we have the SD version the grey teatime dress for only 7$

this orginial miu miu version is black instead of purple. i don't think the changed color is a bad thing both versions are looking very good.

this post has already come to an end i thought i short little one fits better into the good weather because you guy aren't suppost to sit infront of your computers you should be outside and enjoy the start of the summer! 

 stay edgy


in a few days i will start an internship in an advertisment agency that means i won't have time to post here regulary but please don't stop reading this blog i won't stop posting but i will reduce the number of post i publish down to 2 posts per month i hope you will understand that and stick to this little project anyway. i also have to say thank you! to all my regular readers it is nice to see that my quiet little voice is reaching some people.



nevermind if hair, jewelry or clothes it always drives me nuts while using it. most of the time i have this wonderful idea in my head (like making my very own supreme shirt) so i start design it but everything ends in a huge chaos or i click the wrong button and suddenly my complete design which took me hours finishing is gone. but once in a while i design some nice things like i did yesterday and that reminded me of a post where i can show you some of my stardesign incloding a little tutorial ... yeay. 

as i said yesterday i finished a design that doesn't look like somebody had puked on a piece of fabric and i wanted to show you on which template my version is based on it basically is a recreation of a wonderfull DION LEE skirt.

stardesign version

original version by dion lee worn by nadia bailey

i hope one can see the original skirt within my recreation. besides this skirt i'm also proud of the following shirts and please don't think i'm arrogant showing you these deisgns you should see the ones which didn't turn out this good. i just try to say it is better to keep on trying instead of giving up for those of my readers who my have the same problems with the stardesign studios. 

this one is inspiered by a fan shirt for the fictive girl band BIG FUN from the movie HEATHERS the original shirt was sold by opening ceromony. 

and now the promised tutorial. i show you how to make a simple but really cool looking shirt. as most of the other things i created with stardesign this one is a recreation of a real life tee too. 
sadly i can't show you the real life version because this shirt is no longer made but it used to be a merchandise tee for the band DESIGNER DRUGS



step 1
choose the right shirt

step 2
 choose black as a backround color


step 3
use the below shown triangle

step 4
position the trinagle like this 
(you don't have to use white as a color but i think it looks the best)

step 5
 make sure the trinagle will be printed in the center of your shirt

step 6
use a second triangle with the same sice and shape as the other one 
and position it right above the old one

step 7
now dye this second triangle like the backround 
(i used black because the backround of my shirt is black too) 
and reduce the sice of that dyed triangle just abit so you can see the first trinagle again

step 8
make sure the trinagle is right in the center of your shirt by using the preview 


now you can sew the shirt and you own a special designer drug fan shirt or just a rad looking shirt with a upside down trinagle on. remember you can choose any color you want. i hope you liked this little tutorial and maybe i see some of these shirts during my daily walk through the suits of dollywood.

and if you want to check out a real stardesign professional you should visit the suit of LADYROCK07 her designs are very popular maybe you can get yourself some inspiration (don't copy you know that isn't cool). 

stay edgy



Even Though

SD is pretty boring these days (which makes it hard to me to find something i could write about) i'm lucky that at least the weather in real life is just wonderful  that means i can forget about pixel clothes and medoll bitchfights ... but i thoguht i transfer the good weather from outside straight into the inside of my laptop and because of the new RIVIERA store it's  easy to do so. 

i know your medoll will never be able to swim but a hot bathing suit or bikin should be part of her wardrobe no matter what. the rivera store is the perfect place to find this in a way pretty useless but wonderfull dream bikin/bathing suit.

  ipanema swimsuit (13$)

 real life version of a photoprinted swimsuit by BLACK MILK

i just needed to buy this swimsuit (above picture) it seems to be inspired by those photo printed swimwear which is really popular these days. there are so many other great swimwear outfits in this new riviera collection. 


the store basically looks like a addtion to the 10th LE collection with its bright neon colors and the graphic quality of the clothes and accessories are nearly as good as the graphic of LE clothes. if you haven't checked out the store yet you absolutlys should and if you haven't much $ left you don't have to be upset, there are some nice and cheap accessories as well. the use of color may isn't something everybody can live with but comparing this riviera collection with the last one i have to say i noticed a huge improvement.

summer swim moodboard

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I Would Like To

inform you about a new project one of our media partnes has started recently. SPARKLEWAND12 owner of THE STARDOLL LOOKBOOK has decided to start a new project and if you 

  1. want to be a SD model 
  2. already are a SD model searching for work opportunities
  3. a SD magazine or SD fashion lable owner searching for new faces
  4. just search for an interesting medoll for inspiration

than you should visit this new project called:


this blog offers all those above mentioned things. 


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Have You Seen

the last GIVENCHY spring summer couture 2012 collection? i did because this old french haute couture house is one of my favourite lables, i still dream about RICCARDO TISCI for givenchy fall 2011 ready to wear collection (which also appeard at starplaza but in such a bad quality and coloring i just don't want to talk about it anymore). but i'm getting of the point, if you have seen the latest givenchy haute couture collection you may noticed those quite disturbing jewelry the models have in their faces and hanging around their ears. if you haven't seen it i have some pictures for you down below. 

wearing those pieces of jewelry the models in a way reminding me of death angels (i know that may sounds strange) thats why i think the complete look is kind of disturbing plus the whole collection was presented in a sports hall which make the models look like they're really don't belong there in a magical and dark way. it's kind of hard to discribe it you have to watch it yourself.  the massive noserings and the huge earings are looking painfully beautiful like a silver/golden cage which is about to crush the bird which is living in it . i was really impressed when i first saw those pictures.

but why do i tell you all this, yesterday the SD jewelry store GLAMEROUS got some new additions. looking through the new things i found a SD version of the givenchy jewlery: 


i think it is pretty close to the ear- and noserings givenchy used. i bought all of them (accept the gold nose ring as the gold looks cheap) and i know some of you will call me crazy because i payed so much $ on earrings which are clearly now wearable on a dayly basis but i for those of you who think that way i would like to remind you that SD isn't or real life (in which i would never wear earings or noserings like that) and if you like those things buy them and create a look with it if some people write mean guestbook entries you shouldn't give a fuck because this is a game and you just have fun. i use also use SD as a plattform where i can creat looks which can't in my allday life just because i can't afford haute couture. i hope you get my intention. i was just so excited about the fact SD is selling this jewelry and i felt like i needed to share this happiness with you and maybe you are as happy about it as i am.

 my medoll wears: glam'rus silver nosering (76$c), oversized earrings (12$) and LE scale ruffle dress (200$) 

that's how i decided to use the givenchy jewelry on my medoll. the make up is also inspired by the make up givenchy used accept the lips which i decided to keep in a soft rose color. i think this looks actually pretty good. i know these earrings and noserings are difficult to match but if you find a way how to use them i think your medoll will at all events look different like all the others (in a very positiv way).

stay edgy 



D. I. Y.

the thing we ar going to to by our selfs is a wonderful teen witch inspired crown. those who are regualr readers of STYLE ROOKIE our ROOKIE MAG may already know about the crowns i am going to show you how to make. i think they are inspired by the traditional mexican day of the dead headband which FRIDA KAHLO had worn ver often. and befor i show you how to do it on SD i have a wonderfull viedo you should watch if you are interested and brave enought o make and wear those crowns outside of SD.

ok i really like this video tavi and petra a the coolest really! but back to our little world, yesterday night after i finished my accessoires post i went to SD and thought about a rad outfit for my medoll and than i thought of the video above and how easy it should be to create such crowns for A_Horror so i went to the starplaza and bought tons of flower:

step 1 the hairstyle

i would recommend this hairstyle because it's simple and long hair so the crown will be the center of attention and not your hair. the haircolor is not very important just choose a color you like but keep it natural don't use pink, green, blue or any other pop color if you do your medoll will look like take out from an anime and put into SD.

step 2 the crown material 

 crown 1

 i used many flowers from the splendid shop, some stars i already had in my beauty parlor (don't ask me why) and a plastic skull i made with stardesign jewelry all in all i payed 35 $, i know this is much but only because SD wants 40$c for a simple fake flower ... nevermind you don't have to buy exactly the same things i did just buy some flowers you like and i would recommend to you not only buy every flower only once. i used the black braid as headband. you will need a headband as a basic-underground for your crown otherwise you may won't get the right shape. 

 crown 2

for the second crown i used the stardesign jewelry because you have all these childish little pendants you can use. i had to pay 7$ for this crown.

step 3 get the things together

start with the braid and put the flower all over it. it's up to you how you arrange the flowers which one should be in the middel as a center and so on.

you do the same with the stardesign corwn. build you crown around the headband till it's full of those little plastic things and you can't see the headband anymore. 

step 4 look at the complete crown 

crown 1

crown 2

that's simply it, there aren't many rules you have to follow:

  1. use a headband as a basic underground
  2. gether all the useless junk you can find in your beauty parlor
  3. being as crazy and creative as possible

here ar the templates i build my crowns after: 

moodboard teen crown 

stay edgy 



I'm Missing

the little things on nymph attire. this blog is about fashion but if we take a closer look you can see that most of the time i'm writing about clothes. don't get me wrong i love clothes and a fashion blog should be full of them but fashion isn't only dresses, trousers and shirts the little things are sometimes even more imprortant and when i'm speaking of little things i mean accessories. i am not the kind of women who put necklaces, rings and bracelets all over herself and my medoll isn't too (to be honest i am quiet lazy when it comes to accessories SHAME ON ME!) but i think its time to take a closer look at the way i use accessories for my medoll. 

i am really uncreative about how to structure this post so i am going to use the good old countdown (this link is a joke ok :D) i will present 13 of my most favourite accessories plus a few things you can combine them with.




what: fierce pink shades (42$c)

where: you can still get these wonderful shades which are based on miu miu sunglasses for their fall winter 2011 collection at the sixth floor of the decades shop in starplaza.

why: some time ago i already did a post about these glasses where i explained my love for them.




what: miss world crown (40$c)

where: i bought it at the pretty n love shop but now you have to find it at the bazaar.

why: i know the graphic isn't good but if you look at the price it's ok (i mean a one dollar plastic tiara isn't the best quality ether but its a one dollar plastic tiara so what ...) i love it because of the name miss world tiara. miss world is a song by one of my favourite bands hole and i think you can make funny teen girl outfits with it like tavi gevinson inspired looks. if you ever find it cheap at the bazaar i would recommend you to just buy it. it's a funny little tiara so come on. 



what: plastic bangles (4 $)

where: i don't know in which SD store they have been originaly sold but i bought them in starplaza archive and now you can find them pretty easy at the bazaar. 

why: it's one of my favourite bracelets, the quailty is really good and i you can wear them with almost everything. plastic bangles may sound a bit cheap but i think they're looking really edgy and high fashion and even though they are see-through you can still make them the center of the attention if you combine them with a simple and clean look using white or pale blue clothes.



what: taupe envelope clutch (10$)

where: once you could get it at the it girl shop formerly known as stardoll shop (i hate this new name) but now you have to try your look at the bazaar. 

why: first reason the color, second reason the color and third reason the color. if you are a nailpolish addict like me you recognize this color immediately because of chanels nailpolish le vernis number 505 particuliere. SD sadly does not offer a nailpolish color like this yet but this clutch does and thats why i love it. it's easy to use as it matches with most of the looks we know but i wouldn't combine it with beige colors.




what; classic silken scarf (80$c)

where: it was avaliable at the first mortal kiss store but even i bought this scarf at the bazaar because i first relised how nice it looks after the shop was closed ... sigh.

why: i bought it because of its color and when it arrived in my suit i even recognized it is slightly see- through which makes it even cooler. i often use it for classy looks and i think it can work with preppy styles too. as most of my fave accessories this scarf is a allrounder.



what: joker hat (many many many stardollars)

where: after two years of searching i found a girl who agreed selling it to me (i am still very grateful that she did that), if you want to buy it too i can only hope for you to not become crazy while searching for it.

why: i once watched this video of the BRMC song BEAT THE DEVILS TATTOO and in a scene (minute 1:43 - 1:50) i saw this girl who wore this black and super rad hat i needed to have a hat like this so i bought one for myself and wanted one for my medoll than i saw the joker hat i started searching for it like crazy. i love to combine it with jeans and leather and a dirty rock n roll outfit i think that's the best way to wear this wonderfull hat. 





what: black camellia wrist purse (20$)

where: i bought this little and really special bag just a few days ago from the bazaar but if you weren't as stupid as i am you already bought it at the second chanel tribute store a few months ago. 

why: this purse and i had a difficult relationship. when i first saw it at the chanel tribute store i didn't buy it because i thought it was useless but i started to take a closer look at the original chanel collection (which was the template for the tribute store). i realised how nice this bag could look in combination with white clothes, elgeant dresses or silk and velvet fabrics and so i decided to buy it and use it as much as i can. 




what: space vixen belt (50$c)

where: i found it at ANNE.SOFIE bazaar. she sometimes has great and big sales so if you visit her suit don't forget to check out her bazaar too. original this belt is from the fallen angel store.

why: as my medoll often wears high waist clothes its good to have various numbers of high waist belts (as you can't always use the normal belts for a highwaist outfit at SD without using a jacket too. try it you will understand what is the problem...) and this vixen belt has a great and really unusual color (ha! the color again. you got me ...) which looks awsome with an all-black outfit and as my medoll often wears black this belt is used often too.




what: i call them the chain gang (because i don't want to write down all three names right now) (24$c each)

where: there is this new hidden store called "sofia vergara kmart collection" click 

and get all those clothes in your starplaza dressing room. after you remove all these nasty and boring lookind dresses, shirts and tees you have too take a closer look and you can see three small nacklaces those are the ones you can see at the picture above.

why: of course the quality is not the best and one has a "mama" lettering pendant but as those chains are really small no one will be able to read/see what hangs around your neck. the main reason why i bought them and put them on this list is that they reminded me of the legendary carrie necklace. you can wear such small necklaces really good with the urban bohemian style just like carrie 
and who does not like carries style?! so don't be ashamed just grap them and see what they can do for your medolls style.




what: westerly headband (24$c).

where: still avaliable at the pretty n love shop.

why: simply because i love flower headbands (but don't see why i should pay 355 for the LE version) they are representing the spring, the peace movement of 1969 and happiness. i like using it with romantic dresses such as flower dresses and slightly see-through tops or shirts but i also like to use it as a contrast using a more edgy and dark look for my medoll but to be honest its the number 4. of this countdown simply because i loooooove flower headbands.





what: aviator glasses (40$c)

where: the otto shop which magically disappeared a few months ago :( and as i can't sell these glasses in my bazaar i don't think you will find them in anywhere. sometimes SD is a little bitch!

why: because in real life i am actually a fat cop loving donuts, coffee and my fucking aviator glasses hello! just kidding ... i  like them so much because of the color of the glasses and the fact that they're actually looking like aviator glasses not like those you could get or still can get (i don't know) at spectacular store in starplaza.



what: silver charm bracelet (0$c yes my second favourite accessories a freebie)

where: i think i got it from this gift calender stardoll offered during the time when the second mortal kiss book was released (chapter per chapter). i don't know if you can get it at the bazaar as most of those freebies arn't sellable.

why: take a look at the why of number one.



what: raven scull necklace (30 $c)

where: it's from the fallen angel store. these days you have to search for it at the bazaar but it isn't that hard to find.

why: the last two items i haven't choosen by look, graphic-quality and so on. those are the two things which have some kind of a personal importance for me (if you can say this about virtual pixel things). the silver bracelet (number 2.) is standing for the one i am always wearing in realife which my mother gave to me (just like my medoll having tattoos like i have tattos not the same but you know what i mean))  and the raven necklace stands for my personal mantra memento mori. i use these items to make my medoll a bit more genuine so she doesn't look like every other doll which is why you should use special accessories too. you don't find them fast you have to search for them and maybe it is a expensive LE accessorie or cheap special offer accessorie, who cares as long as those things reminds you of a special necklace or bracelet or some other symbol which is important to you outside of stardoll.

again this was more work than i thought it would be but i hope it was worth it. i know alot of these accessories are no longer avaliable but i don't want to be this post to turn out as a shopping guide. i wanted to show you what kind of accessories i am using. as i said at the beginning i am really lazy using accessories thats why i don't use many. the accessoriesi buy have to be (firstly) allrounder meaning they have to be wearable with more than just one special pullover and (secondly) they should be an eyecatcher and i'm not speacking of neon color eyecatching. it's the shape or a pale but special color who should be attention-getting. i hope you understand what i'm trying to say less is more. 

stay edgy