Additon To The Family

yes NYMPH/ATTIRE has a new family member isn't that great !!! i'm proud to welcome THE BEST BARGEE BAR NONE to the list of our media partners owned by the awsome MILOSHKI. her blog (or actually she's using a tumblr) is so wonderful.  you can simply see she is putting alot of work into it.

her blog is mostly about fashion and sometimes she posts a little sentence about her experiences on SD which is very nice i think. i love the way she puts outfits together and she recently started to post $c outfits which is always helpful for those refusing to buy stardollars (perfectly understandable thinking about the last arrival at the plaza). she is is always on the look for fierce looking dolls and maybe you will find yourself on her blog someday just like my doll a few days ago.


this is our newest media partner i hope you check this blog out and maybe decide to bookmark or follow it i think she 100% deserves it. 

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Coming Soon


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I don't know what else to do but to write this post i just need to get this out of my system! in the last 2 months SD nearly bored me to death! i mean is it just me or is the complete SD team suffering from a painkiller addiction making them sleepy all the time and unable to bring us some nice clothes, shops just fucking something. my second theory is that SD was taking over by a six year old girl forcing everybody to create stores and shops you can only like if you're ... ... ... a freaking six year old girl. you don't know what i mean ok i show you:

i mean come on so much pink and purple and pink again ... this is just ugly 

 i know those are partly inspired by dior couture or something but that doesn't make them good looking. please focus on that purple look in the back ... yes and now buy the complete outfit for 52$ 
ha see who would do that ... yes a six year old or someone wiht simply no taste. 

 speechless (and not the good kind of being speechless)

do you see it now? and there are more shitty stores or collections (don't tell me you like the newest miss sixty collection...). your inner optimist may say "this is a bit harsh there are some nice pieces" and who am i to tell your optimistical side to shut up i would never do that and it's true there are some nice things but it seems like they're some kind of a endangered species which you can only find if you search for hours and hours and i didn't pay for searching. i'm a royalty member therefore i bought over a year of superstarship and i think that gives me the right to want more than what you can see starring at the above pictures. 

this is my opinion maybe i get it all wrong i don't know maybe i've outgrown SD and don't find it interesting anymore i really don't know but i do know how good fashion is looking and what SD is giving us lately sure isn't anywhere near good. i just hope the dictatorship of the six year old girl is soon coming to an end or the SD team is starting to fight against their painkiller addiction (or both) otherwise i don't know how long i'm going to keep playing this game ... 

oh! if you have something to say regarding this topic please feel free to leave a comment in my GB i would love to know if some other people having the same problem with SD lately or if i'm just a way to critical right now.

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Balenciaga @ Tingeling (farewell tingeling)

i have to admit this comes a bit late but i just realised that SD has had a few awsome looking pieces hidden in the latest TINGELING collection which is also on sale right now (!!!) and those items are based on BALENCIAGA's spring 2012 ready to wear collection
some of you may know the french based fashion houes with a really long tradition some may not. i personally knew that there is a fashion house called BALENCIAGA but not only had i a huge problem pronouncing it but also wasn't really into it but since the show named above i was in love with NICOLAS GHESQUIÉRE's architectural looking desgines. it's also very interesting to see how BALENCIAGA is going to change now that ALEXANDER WANG is in charge as creative director.

yes this collection really was or still is blowing my mind. and the best thing about it are (if you ask me) the silk shorts, the cut is so relaxed and makes the already freaking long legs of the modesl even longer (aaaah) and the prints are next to perfect. these shorts make me wanne jump on a plane and fly somewhere sunny and calm like a hawaiian black sand beach. 
3 of those short pants are avaliable at the SP right now and there are on sale isn't that awsome the sad thing about this sale is that it's the last tingeling sale ever the store is closing down and i really don't know why SD is doing this but i can't save tingeling so if you don't buy now you will have to search for them in the bazaar ... (so sad)

from left to right: safari chic dress (16$), african nights shorts (77$c), zebra sky shorts (6$) and zebra tracks shorts (65$c) right now all these things are 50% off so you if you like them now is the time to buy them.

here we have the BALENCIAGA original versions of the shorts and as i said those pants are beyond wonderful but also have to say they're not that easy to style. i mean you can always try to copy the runway looks but as SD only released those shorts from the collection (and a dress and pair of shoes). if you want to combine them in an everyday-doll-look you should try to use simple shirts without prints and you may also try to use shirts dyed in a color which is also used in the fabric of the shorts. for example if you wear the shorts from that first picture (above) you may try a darkgreen tank top or a black one as you can find these colors also in the fabric but white always works too.

before i close this post i have one little tip for you. those who haven't heard it the WINDOWS OF THE WORLD store is closing down and therefor all the clothes are 50% off incase you still have some pieces from this shop you always wanted to buy but never did so far i think you should take the chance and buy now. some pieces are ridiculous cheap. here is what i graped at last chance:

those pieces are the ones i just needed to have befor i had to search through the bazaar in order to get them ... and they were really cheap so i think there is nothing to complain about. 

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Hey There

due to the lack of excitement in our beloved dollywood i though i take the chance to advertise something which right now is a lot more fun than SD ... yes of course my tumblr. you may already have checked it out but if you're new here and kind of stumbled over this blog why not stumble over my tumblr too. i'm pretty sure you'll like it. and if you have a tumblr too you can tell me about it in my GB i will make sure to check it and follow you IF i like it (i don't see any point in following a tumblr only to be refollowed that's not my style you know...) 

ok that was enought self-promotion i kind of feel bad now ... but i really like tumblr and as this blog is a bit slow lately i just wanted to show you another side of my(virtual)self. 

so long 
(that maybe kind of my new goodbye line getting tired of the old one hope you like it)



i don't know if you ever visit the MR. shop at the starplaza and even if you may think those clothes are for male dolls this is nothing which should hold you back. even in my life outside of SD i often wear boy clothes (band shirts, jeans shirts, flannel shirts etc). of course you have to look carefully not all the male doll clothes can fit a female doll but at least the sweaters, jackets and shirts are pretty usefull.
so why am i telling you this because i found a wonderful sweater at the mr shop wich i have seen somwhere else before.

lion sweatshirt, mr. 13$ 

when i first bought it a few weeks ago i didn't even know where this design came from but i start finding all these pictures of a green version with the label name KENZO on it. you can see some of tthose pictures below. and KENZO is a great fashion house with a long tradition which recently got a fresh make over with their new creative directors HUMBERTO LEON and CAROL LIM.


as you can see the internet kind of likes this sweater as you can see the best thing about it is that you can use it in so many ways no matter if you prefer vintage, street or high fashion. of course an allrounder like this little fella is very popular in the fashion scene. 

this is the original way KENZO presented the sweater at they FW 2012 ready-to-wear show. sadly it's sold out but as the price was somewhere between 255$ - 355$ it was out of my budget anyway (sigh). i really don't understand why SD hasn't brought thet green girl sweater to the plaza (???).

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Antidote Spring Summer 2013

just awful, i can't express how much bored i am of SD right now. week after week we get ...  just nothing, nothing, nothnig. i really wish i could make an awsome cool post but i'm so uninspired it pisses me of. however i remembered i haven't really write about the last ANTIDOTE collection so this is what this post is going to be about. i know this store is old by now and most of the items are already sold out but still i think it's worth talking about. 

i have no shame in saying that this store blew me away. i'm so impressed by the shapes the cuts and most of all by the choice of color or as most of the clothes are black and white the leak of it. i don't now how often i criticized the fact of SD turning a wonderful looking garment into a piece of trash simply by changing its color from balck to pink. but not this time NO (!). when i logged into my account and saw those new antidote clothes i hurried and grap all the things i liked which were alot but still there are some pieces i have to buy from bazaar as i just hadn't enough money to buy them (... de de deeee) to keep a long story short here are the things i  went up buying. 

so these are the things from the current antidote collection who made it in my medolls wardrobe. the polka dot dress could be inspired by chanel but as i'm not a hundret percent sure i didn't uploaded a picture. regular readers already now how much i like black and white clothes, so clearly this collecction gets such a good review but don't get me wrong even black clothes can look shitty but this time SD just chooses the right pieces, those mirrored jacket and bustier are just amazing plus the anti skirt (you can see on the last picture) is so rad i'm not quiet sure how to pull it of but i will find away fore sure (haha). 

compareing to the clothes the accessories (and the furniture which isn't even worth wrtiting about) aren't that good. of course we had some nice things here and there but all in all SD could have done a way better job. at the end of the day i found a few things i just had to buy (of course).


the nirvana smiley (or inspried by the original nirvana smiley) hairclip is my absolut favourite accessory from this anttidote collection. 

i have to make a confession, i really suck at finding real life versions and i don't know why. i look at all this fashion shows (as you know the fashion week season is yet over and i was glued to my laptop the whole time) but i simply couldn't find one real life version of the things i bought from the antidote shop i'm truly sorry. but i promise i will add them as soon as i find something so it's worth to not totally forget about this post after you've read it as along as you are interested in this real life versions stuff.


antidote striped faux fur coat (80$ sold out)

 antidote striped crop top (35$ sold out)

antidote shiny silver high heels (28$ sold out)

(ONLY THE SHAPE) antidote silver crackle jeans (65$ sold out)

antidote coco pvc hat (25$ sold out) 

antidote hula hup bag (32$ sold out)

the first four pictures you can see are from the NASTYGAL january lookbook and i think we can see some simularities to a few pieces from the antidote collection and the last two pictures are from CHANELs spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.

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