Feather Wigs

may have seen their best days now that SD has released their own wig shop. but i don't wont to get ahead of myself. a few days ago the a special new store was opend called TRESS UP. with this store SD has finally oblige the wish of many stardollians to create a wig store. i know i am a bit late to inform you about the shop opening (but this is not a SDnews blog its a blog where i share my thoughts with you about SD and fashion) but as this store opened its doors i thought it would be a nice opportunity to use my favourite kind of list ever ... PROS AND CONS!

starting with the PROS

when i first visit the shop i was really impressed by the quality of the wigs, the are well done
and looking even better as some of the hairstyles you can choose at the beauty parlor.

the fact stardoll uses the dip dye effect is just wonderful, as you know i am a huge fan of dip dying and i had always difficulties to create that effect on stardoll.
(this can also be a a con argument depends on your point of view) the feather wigs are no longer the only alternative to get different kind of hairstyles than the ones the beauty parlor is offering us. 

ending with the CONS 

there is only one wig for non superstars and its really the ugliest of all the wigs, its nice that SD brought us some new hairstyles but why do we have to buy them at all, the just could have released some new beauty parlor hairstyles couldn't they? but i think SD saw how much money the wig designers made and they just want a share of the cake. 

even though i really like the dip dye effect its annoying that you can not change the color of the dip dye or you can change it but i haven't found out how do it yet. 

and as i said in the pros. the argument that you finally have a alternative besides the feather wigs is also negative for those who sell feather wigs and for those who like them. i mean ok you can still buy feather wigs but the SD wigs are cheaper and of course they look more realistic as the SD grafik designer don't have to use feathers to creat them. 


for me the SD tress up shop is a classic two edged sword, its nice to finally have some more choices if you really don't like those feather wigs (i just think most of them look like you draw a really ugly paint picture and put it on your medolls head)  but its also not fair to all the non superstars to sell those new wigs instead of adding them to the beautyparlor for free. 


i created an outfit for every wig i bought to show you how these nice hairstyles can give your medolls look a whole different direction, 

 i really like this wig because it reminds me of this wildfox campaign which was inspired by marie antoinette, france and baroque itself. thats why i choose a soft dress, the chanel earrings and to make it look a bit more royal the golden LE roses. i decided to use a shiny and glamours make up to gave her an expensive look (i hope you know what i mean haha).  

this wig is made for a doll with a strong character. if you prefer your doll to look more elegent soft and feminin i would not choose this hairstyle. to underline the powerfull attitude this wig creats i use hard materials like leather and metal. the blue dip dye gives the whole look something dark and deep thats why i use a dark brown as normal hair color. the make up needed to be edgy and sharp so i draw a black eye lid line. the blue eyeshadow makes the face look some kind of cold which i really like. 

this last wig reminded me of AUDREY KITCHING (one of these it girls which got famous for just nothing) thats why i decided to create some kind of velvet punk look this means i used a soft make up focusing on the a light purple coloring, the lightly waved wig also helps us to build a more feminin punk inspired look. the leather jacket, the queen shirt and the worn out jeans helps to get more authenticity into the whole outfit.

befor i end this post i have to say i am very proud that the newest windows of the world floors are inspired by germany which is my homecountry and for all those who don't speak german i am glad to translate the shop name: "sprechen sie deutsch?" means "do you speak german?". but thats it for today

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Browsing Thorugh

 the huge numerbs of sd blogs i found one quiet special: THE STARDOLL LOOKBOOK. i was so impressed that i just had to ask if the two of us could not start a partnership and now i am proud to say nymph attire has a new MEDIA PARTNER! and i can really recommend this blog to all my readers, it is full of inspiration. i hope you'll check it out as soon as possible.

focus: presenting great dolls with a good taste to the rest of the community

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The Virgin Suicides (get the look)

shortly after i started this blog i did a post about the movie MARIE ANTOINETTE directed by francis for coppolas daughter SOFIA COPPOLA and now i just recognized that she started shooting a new movie (which is proably about the events infolving the BLING RING GANG) and the spring is back i thought i take a closer look at another sofia coppola movie: THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. because of its really outstanding setdesign its a perfect choice for my beloved "get the look" cloumn.

the story takes place during the 1970s in a typical american suburb and the fashion used in the movie is build up around these facts plus we can see a great influnce of soft patterns and pastel colors it almost looks like a moving picture taken with an polariod land camera. it seems like everything is wrapped up in a white curtain. focusing on the clothes the lisbon girls are wearing one can come to the conclusion that these playful dresses are like a conflict between an innocent childhood and the desire of knowing what is beyond this boring little world they have to live in.

moodboard virgin suicides:


looking at the above pictures of the lisbon girls, trip fontain and cecilia lisbon i hope you can get a better impression of the clothes worn in the movie (the best impression you'll get watching it of course).

ok now a short summary: the movie (which is based on the same-named book by JEFFREY EUGENIDES) is about the lisbons who have five gorgeous daughters one more beautiful the the next and the neighbor boys (one of these boys is the narrator) who are secretly obsessed with the girls. but the life of the lisbon girls is not really free because of their strongly religious mother. the narrator explains to the audience what is happening during the last weeks of the life of the lisbon girls.  

after you get all this information about the movie and the lisbon girls lets get back to stardoll and see how we can use these impressions for a soft and elegant doll outfit. i would love to show you some examples.

lux lisbon (kirsten dunst)

cecilia lisbon (hanna hall)

school uniform of the lisbon girls

if you want to create an outfit similar to the ones i created keep in mind that the movie takes place in the 1970's, you may inform yourself a bit about what kind of things the people did wear back than. furthermore think about the color scheme which is used, considering that you should choose pale and or pastel colors. the lisbon girls often wearing night clothes so you should search for dresses which have this kind of sleepy look for example a white and long slightly see through dress. as you can see watching the movie the room of the girls is full with little things like sticker, postcards, plastic jewellery and other stuff they collect to make their golden cage look prettier. to transport this important detail into your outfit you can use alot of bracelets or brooches like i did in the picture below.


 my personal stardoll version of the girls room i try to use as much odds and sods as i can ...

1. printed pretty dress by sonia rykiel tribute(vintage) 2. dorothy's dress by film theory (18$) 3. print l-s dress (special offer) 4. button down blouse by pretty in love (vintage) 5. miss world tiara by rio (vintage) 6. yellow meadow dress by bonjour bizou (16$) 7. yellow collared top by versus tribute (vintage) 8. lurex paillette bag by bonjour bizou (vintage) 9. daisy shirt by bonjour bizou (10$) 10. turtleneck dress  by decades (14$) 11. floral a line dress bonjour bizou (vintage) 12. ripped denim hotpants by fudge (vintage) 13. dot print canvas bag by bonjour biz (vintage) 14. floral bustier top by bonjour bizou (special offer) 15. clock locket necklace by bonjour bizou (vintage) 16. sleeveless denim vest by archive (vintage) 17. tassel pleather purse by it girls (vintage)18. mint miniskirt by dvf tribute (vintage)19. studded clogs by chanel tribute no.1 (vintage) 20. camilla waterlily frock by young hollywood (90$ out of stock) 21. some inspired ballet ruffles by mortal kiss (vintage)  22. teeth heart necklace by je tame pretty in pink (vintage) 23. rosette top by sonia rykiel tribute (vintage) 24. floral printed tank (special offer) 25. chloe sandals by bonjour bizou (vintage) 26. mint leather belt by bonjour bizou (3$c) 27. various bracelets 28. basic nude oxfords by basics (20$)

these are some more clothes you can use to style your medoll like a real lisbon girl. what i like about the clothes in the movie is that they make you feel really feminin but not in a naiv or silly way but more in a sad and elegant way like wearable melancholia, melancholic is by the way also the best way to describe this movie as i saw it the first time it jumped right into my heart and there it stays down to the present day. i think its important to style your doll not only like the latest trends sometimes you should use a look which has a deeper sense but fun is still the most important thing of all i hope you have lots of it while dressing up your doll following some of these tips.

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Our Family

is growing bigger, i am proud to say that STREET-HIGH-FASHION.BLOGSPOT.DE joined as a new partner blog.

focus: stardoll fashion, medolls, makeover

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The Great Gatsby

for stardoll, ... the great what? i thought i should write a quick post about the new DECADES floors which are inspired by the book THE GREAT GATSBY by F. SCOTT FITZGERALD one of americas best known writers who also was part of the literature elite during the golden 20's. 

this year the book is refilmed, i think thats the reason why SD released 4 new decade floors filled with clothes which seems to be taken straight from the roaring twneties where the original book takes place. the mannequins are looking like the legendary flappers

the great gatsby is a wonderfull book and with only 180 pages its not that long i can really recommedn it to you. after i watched MIDNIGHT IN PARIS i was really into the 1920's and a person which really interests me was ZELDA FITZGERALD, and now with all these new clothes i can capture her attitude in my medolls appearence. i hope you're going to buy some pieces of the golden twenties for your closet too!

moodboard the great gatsby 

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Coming Soon

now that spring is finally here i thought of doing another get the look. this time i'll focus on sofia coppola's the virgin suicides. i try to get this post done by the end of the next week so make sure to stop by and check this blog. so long ...

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I Don’t Think…

we’re in dollywood anymore, toto ... do you recognize it its a slightly different version of a movie quote a quote everybody seems to know ... the wizard of oz! i use to watch this movie with my mum ever year around christmas, i can sing along every song. i wouldn't say its my favourite movie of all time but it's a nice mother-daughter-tradition. the reason why i choose to focus on the wizard of oz at this post is simply because stardoll brought us this piece of movie history into the starplaza. i really like the idea and i have to say good job stardoll (wow! feels strange writing this ...). but in this post i would love to show you how i would set up a style inspired by the movie from makeup to a complete outfit. 

judy garland in the wizard of oz (1939)

this makeup gives  the medoll the typical dorothy look. 

to create this look i used simple and plain colors like the caramel shade stick to make the impression of shadow for a more vivid image. the white collection eyeshadow is used to highlight the eyelid. as dorothy has a natrual almost nude make up i decided to use just a hint of fusion coral brush ... this make up is really easy to recreate as the things you need aren't too expensive. maybe you already have them in your beauty parlor because i think those utensils are the basic for nearly every SD makeup look. oh! i almost forgot about the hair. if you want to make sure your doll looks like dorothy you can buy the dorothy wig at the film theory shop ... or you just look after a lightly waved hairstyle like i did for this look (i also bought the wig because its a really a simple and nice hairstyle which you can't get in the beauty parlor) and don't forget to dye the hair brown.


and now we can start with the clothes. it would take to much time to create an outfit for every character appearing in the movie, i just choose my favourite one ... the tin man. of course you can just visit the film theory shop and buy the outfit from you favourite character but i think it can be kind of fun to look through your wardrobe and see which clothes you can use for this special kind of dress up plus you can save some money and that is always good.

A_Horror aka the tin man ... 

i hope you like this look. it was kind of difficult to not look like a grey freak. the outfit is absolutely edgy i think but wearable means not too haute couture (to be honest its not haute couture at all ...) but it isn't too simple. i try to create as many details as i can. i would imagine this is how the tin man could look like if a designer used him as inspiration for a his/her collection.

 i used: relaxed james blazer by elizabeth & james (vintage), cloud print tee by bonjour bizou (vintage), weave knit top by LE (vintage), pantyhose by film theory (7$), mesh bag by mortal kiss (vintage), ivory twig headband by bonjour bizou (32 $c), metal strap wedges by LE (50$, btw those shoes are my absolut favourite thing which i bought during the last weeks at stardoll!), aviator glasses by otto (vintage), hotbuys silver necklace by tingeling (vintage) and the sharp bracelet by tingelng (2$c). 

stardoll wizard of oz version (i can't help it but the dolls starring in this picture with those rad costumes remind me of a pretty bad ass girl posse! well done stardoll).  

and the orginal film gang, uh i love this movie if you haven't watched it ever before you just need to get outside and buy it and watch it! it always makes me happy when i had a bad day or something stupid happend :) if you know what i mean. 

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