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i hope you had a great year. lets hope for good things to come. 

so long


Merry Christmas!

its my not so favourite time of the year again. but that shouldn't keep me from whishing you all a wonderful christmas and really mean it! i hope you have a good time with your family and friends, getting crazy cool presents, watching crazy bad movies and eating crazy amounts of food. i mean  thats what f*** christmas is basically all about … ok before i turn all grinch on you i should just go back to my bed but at least i tried (haha).

happy holidays 


Coming Soon

so it is time for another post. i mentioned before that i no longer want to make any kind of promise like posting every week or every month. i think it works best for me if i just post if i find something good to write about and now after all these weeks i found a topic which is worth discussing on this blog.


it was the fashion phenomenon of 2014 and nobody really got what it's supposed to be and how to be normcore, even i still don't really know where to put this style. and that's the reason why i want to do this as a get the look post, i would like to understand what all the fuzz is about and if normcore is a look which is here to stay or just another fashion statment which isn't even suppose to be understood by anybody outside the fashion world. you can stay tuned for this post which i hope i can upload before this year is over … but no promises. 

so long