Apre Ski?

so this post is a little outdated regarding its content. first because the item i'm about to discuss is no longer available at the starplaza (but hey you can always try your luck at the starbazaar) and second because the item does not really fit into any summer oriented fashion look. but since this blog has been dead for way way way way way too long i thought i just ignore those two facts and post it anyway … hoping my lovely readers will find inspiration in this post anyways. 

so what is the misterious item i'm talking about. it is small and i'm pretty sure most of you didn't bought it as it's kind of daring and difficult to style. 

it's those rad looking glasses i'm speaking about. these ski glasses where part of the tommy hilfiger tribute and although i'm not a fan of this fashion house i bought those glasses anyway mainly because of the following pictures.

like all creative things fashion is on its best level when people try something different. it's always interesting to take things and translate them into a whole new context. and this is exaclty what has been done on the above pictures. to put on a pair of ski glasses far away from any kind of ski runs is really badass and thats why i needed to buy the sd version of this idea. 


so this could be how the glasses can look in action. of course you don't have to use a beanie you could go for a more modest outfit. i liked this little pop of color.

i'm done for now. i hope i could show you something new and for those who bought the glasses a way to style them. for those who didn't bought them but kind of liked this look remember to check the bazaar, i'm pretty sure you can find it for a good deal.

so long