Basic Bitch – To Be Basic

i said it would happen and now it's happening, here is the first part of my basic bitch post. Yes you heard/read right, the first part. it's just to much to put in just one post that's why i will split it into two parts. in part one we will discuss what makes a basic item a basic item and what is part of a basic or essential wardrobe and in part two we will focus on how to style these basic items the stardoll way. so lets start with …


the world is a place full of choices and in times of fast fashion many people simply ignore the possiblity of choice and just pick it all. i remember a conversation i once had with a friend. we talked about clothes shopping and she said "for me its about quantity. i just like to have all the options." that was a few years back and just recently i had a similar conversation with the same friend but she changed her opinion and told me "i think i just want to start buying better quality clothes and maybe instead of buying 5 t-shirts for 20 euro i want to invest in something a bit more expensive but longlasting." this change of heart happening to my friend is a trend you can easily reflect onto a broader scale. in magazines you can read articles about an "essential wardrope" and more and more people seem to value the oppertunity of choosing again. choosing a better quality product, choosing quality over quantity, choosing between buying less instead of buying it all.


when you want to reduce your wardrope and focus one less than the pieces you carefully choose should be versatile and fit easly into your prefered look. you should know what makes your style your style. what it is you like. if you dress mostly in black you should consider this for every item you buy if you prefer a certain color (blue or green) that is also something to keep in mind of course. however an essential wardrobe is easy to create once you get the hang of it and on stardoll our approch to this subject is a different one entirely. for us it's more about the look that you can achive with the prinicples of the essential wardrope than it is about the downsizing of our closet (i mean lets face it my stardoll closet is over 170 pages long -.-). but what exactly is this look of pure basicness? i think that it's best to be shown in a good old moodboard.

plain, restrained use of color, good quality fabrics and a over all casual feeling. these are the things that come to my mind when i look at this moodboard. as mentioned before using color is not a problem as long as it comes across as modest. the same goes for the use of patterns. keep it simple (e.g. camouflage and striped). while color is nothing to be afraid of print in my opinion is. i would only use patterns and no prints and i would only use patterns that have a timlessness to them (for example you can't go wrong with stripes) or somewhat of a retrovibe. tiedye or camou have a nostalic feeling that could work for a simple and focused look but i would try to keep it balanced meaning not to overuse it. a tyedye coat wouldn't work a tiyedye shirt however could loosen the whole outfit up and would help make it seem more relaxed. casual is a keyword. the items you choose for this look shouldn't fit like a second skin. some overszied sweaters and shirts could do your wardrope wonders and are very necessery to achieve the basic and pure look that is being created using an essential wardrobe.


these three outfits have a pure and basic vibe to them and all three of them combine the things i mentioned in the paragraph above. the use of color is modest. even the birght blue jeans dungarees in the last photo keep the look modest as they are a timless classic. the white shoes, socks and shirt balance the complete outfit. in the first look the black classic leather jacket, layerd over the beige sweater is also balancing out the use of color in the look. the look in the middle is a good example of creating an outfit without any color whatsoever though the use of different fabrics an shapes still makes it interesting. 

even though we try to use simple items you can still stay true to your own personal style. you only strip it down to its core values. you try to find the essence of your very own sence of fashion and for me that is the most interesting part we can take away from the essential wardrobe movement.

wether you like it elgent and feminin or more rough and wild. you can still express yourself even though you choose items that may look plain first. it's all about how you combine them and how much you keep your personal prefrences in mind while shopping in the starplaza.

besides clothing there is something else to talk about. in this case jewlery. i would suggest the same guidlines we established before: timeless, simple and casual.

this is jewelery you almost miss, jewlery that you recognize the second time you look at it. geometric forms and small pendants that twinkle just a little bit. of course it's up to you how much jewlery you put on your doll but when trying to follow this look i would try to limit it to only a few pieces. maybe a ring and a necklace or only some earrings and nothing else. keep it mystirous maybe layer a necklace underneath a sweater so that it peeks out just a tiny bit.

as we approach the end of this first part it's a good point to sum it all up. as i said at the beginnging getting into the essential wardrobe look isn't hard once you got the hang of things. the most important things to keep in mind when styling this look are the following:

1. who are you?

what is the style you prefer when normaly dressing your doll.   

2. using good quality materials

on stardoll this is more about what kind of material you like to use and maybe try to find items who have a better look to them (graphics)

3. using color

what is you personal color pallet. Knowing this will help you decide which items are usefull to you and which aren't

4. using classics

 A timeless classic will surely have a vast versitle use to it. much more so than some trendy item that you will dislike after just a few months.

5. keeping it casual

stay away from houte couture and big statement gowns or items that just doesn't come across as natrual to your style.

these 5 points will be translated into the virtual world of stardoll in part two of this post. i hope you could get into the whole look and understood the points i was trying to make.

see ya!