Antidote Summer 2012 (updated)

the fact that i have almost no time to concentrate on a post worth to be uploaded, SD really offers not much for me to focus on and present it to my wonderful readers ... the past too tribute store weren't really my kind of style and the new antidote collection is  not quiet how i did expect it to be (!) but i  wanted to do a little post about it anyways for the tradtional's sake.  

the theme is obviously las vegas and i think that's why we have to deal with a huge use of neon color, for some people this is a good thing because they might like to use neon for their looks but i'm not one of those people thats why i didn't bought much. thanks to my dear friend MISS.PRIVACY i found out that SD recreated some pieces of JEREMY SCOTT'S spring 2012 ready to wear collection, this is the second time SD uses jeremy scott's amazingly designs for the antidote collection (i like the color explosions scott uses but it sadly isn't really my kind of style).

here we see the jeremy scott version of the cacti sky skirt (72$ sold out)

seems like the print of the cacti sky skirt is inspired by this jeremy scott print 

 (above picture) on the right you can see the original version of the blazing denim skirt (65$ sold out)

these clothes found their way into my medolls wardrobe. i just thought those would fit the best into the way i dress up my medoll because most of the time i avoid color but when i use it in a look i like it when it's the center of the complete outfit and i think those above shown garments have the potential to be this eyecatcher. 


the black and white shoes (23$ sold out) and the ivoire orbit socks (15 $ still avaliable!) seems to be inspired by this jeremy scott footwear

or the black and white shoes are based on the super rad JEFFREY CAMPBELL LINDY'S

for me the black and white shoes are the highlight of this andtidote collection. the JC version appeared in the WOULDN'T IT BE NICE collection, which seems to be inspired by the bebop generation and their significant kind of fashion. i just needed to buy them as they reminded my of the shoes a rad girl gang from the late 60's would have worn. 

the other really nice accessoire from this antidote collection is the shoshana handbag (20$ still available). if you're a fan of the lable MIU MIU you may have seen bags similar to this one before. as part of the spring 2012 ready to wear collection the TOP HANDLE BAGS where released. and if you recently have visited the voile shop you may have noticed that sd released a few more miu miu top handle bags.

the shoshana handbag is not sold out yet you may want to take that chance an purchase this wonderful little bag.

we have reached the end of this post about a rather more disappointing antidote collection but even though i'm less than thrilled there are some things which i can really recommend but at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself what fits the style of your medoll best.
lets hope the upcoming tribute store (i just hope SD will release one more) will be in some way more wearable and god damned stardoll stop using colors which make my eyes bleed and start working with black, grey and white !!! (sorry guys but i needed to get this off my shoulders ...)

oh! and if you have time you might want to check my post about the chanel tribute as i added some new real life versions to it.

stay edgy



I Spy

with my little eye ... something beginning with the letter P ... ... ... yes right! some wonderful PAMELA LOVE jewelry that arrived at the starplaza just one or two days ago. seems like the SD crew has a little crush on the talented designer. her jewelry is really unique crossing the thin line between edgy and slightly morbid but not goth in anyway. i wrote about her a few times and the number one  of my favourites accessories from my medolls casket is based on love's  raven skull necklace. however now you can get some more pamela love things for your medoll and as the prices are very cheap i wouldn't hesitate and buy as soon as you can. 

 iron claw by fallen angel (24$c!)


 original version by pamela love

SD's tadpole galaxy necklace by fallen angel (4$)

loves's porcupine needle necklace

both necklace and bracelet are from the newest fallen angel collection and i think the quality is flawless. with pieces like this jewelry SD shows that they sometimes seem to remeber not all members playing on their side are 11 or younger which calms me down a bit. i just wish they would remember more often ... but you can't alway get what you want can 


Summer Time (updated)

has finally arrived and with the good weather the SD tribute season has officially started too. to be honest with you when SD offered the summer pass (which i couldn't resist buying) i had a feeling that the tributes will opend their doors soon. so i hope you saved some money (not easy i know esspacially when you're hunting for those wonderful HERVE LEDGER dresses!) because the first tribute store is now open for all dollywood citizens and the brand that once again let SD use there wonderful designs is ... CHANEL, i hope you all know and love this famous fashion house which is headed by the genius KARL LAGERFELD

the last chanel tribute was nothing but a huge disappointment comparing it to the new one. thats why i thought i write a post showing you the real life versions ....


sadly i couldn't find all RL versions SD used many clothes from different collections. 

 first floor

the interior of the store is based on the location of chanels 2012 haute couture show.

 the cloud lined vest (17$), the v woven bathing suit (24$) and silver pendulum necklace (9$) are from the resort 2012 collection,
the coco express purse is from the spring 2012 collection just like ...

...the sea moss bathing (17$) suit, the jasmin cardigan (14$), ...

... the pompoms dress (34$), ...

and the cold sea jacket (25$).

the sea foam blouse (19$) and skirt (18$), ...

 ... the sea green shimmery heels (10$) ...

and the green feather headband (10$) and the space flight hair (25$) are from the wonderfully outer space haute couture collection.

 second floor

the fantasy printed blouse (15$), skirt (15$) and the frill skirt (13$) are from the resort 2012 collection.

 the deep sea dress (31$) is also taken and ...

 ... the dazzel tights from chanels haute couture 2012. 

karl print boots (12$), ...

 ... coco lace sandals (11$),

and the pink pear clutch (12$), ...

... silver corner jacket (22$), precious pearl necklace (10$) and precious pearl belt (9$) are from the spring collection 2012.

these are the RL versions i could found. the SD versions are really well done, the graphic is good and most of the things are colored just like chanel versions, my absoute favourite piece of this collection is the silver corner jacket i know 22$ may are much money for some of you but i think its worth this price. i am reall impressed by this tribute the quality and choice of clothes to recreate reminds me of the very first tribute season in 2010 .

stay edgy