Party Ahead?

this picture was part of the weekly SD-mail i find in my e-mail inbox and if you took a closer look on the SD frontpage you may also stumbled over this really large number SD is going to hit pretty soon.


the one question which pops up in my head is what is going to happen? are we getting some nice gifts? according to the text in the SD-mail there are going to be gifts ... but what exactly ... not a clue so far. SD likes suprises (and sadly there not always pleasant) so the only thing i or we can do is be patient and hope SD will be a sugar daddy (for once) and simply give us some monaaaay

so long (and party hard)

Proenza Schouler @ Original Future

the plaza shops didn't really blow my mind during the last few weeks (and hit rock bottom with the opening of the new shop FEVER ... sorry stardoll that was a big fat piece of shit you brought us there). if the new stuff isn't working one is able to dig a bit deeper to spend ones hard earned money. looking through the floors of ORIGINAL FUTURE i spotted some thing i did see before.

dueling dragons dress (16$)

foggy silk print skirt (8$)

those two wonderful pieces are based on PROENZA SCHOULERs last years fall ready to wear 2012 collection. like many other designers there is  an asian influence crawling through the collection. the mixture of western fashion and asian tradition always fascinates me which is one reason i bought those things for my medoll the other is pretty simple ... proenza schouler is just on of my favourite fashion houses. the modern attidude and the risky play with colors and shapes always makes me fall in love with every single collection of the designer duo LAZARO HERNANDEZ and JACK MCCOLLOUGH (the masterminds behind the lable).


so long 



today the new and 4th (if i'm not mistaken) chanel tribute got released. that means the starting pistol of the tribute season has been fired. i hope you guys managed to save some money because this is the most expensive season in the whole SD calender.

for me this is a solid tribute not bad not breath taking ether. one thing though was significant ... the graphics defenitly have changed and in a very good way. still not LE quality but not bad at all. the way SD presented the dolls was very nice though the second floor looked a bit boring and less creativ. the choice of color sticked pretty much to the original CHANEL colors. of course SD changed alot but suprisingly that didn't end up in a complete disaster.


browsing through the comments at USD the opinions regarding this tribute are (as always) controversial. some people mentioned to be bored by the constant chanel tributes which is interesting concidering that SD just asked (with a poll) which brands we would like to see at the plaza and the majority voted for chanel. others had the impression the clothes are looking like freebies means the clothes appear to look cheap and badly made a problem which i don't really see here. 

above you can see my absolute fvourite piece of this newest chanel tribute.  the origami chiffondress looks great not only because the graphics are good but also because it's simple yet elegant. the grey to black dip dye is a special effect creating a somehow light and floating character which also matches LAGERFELDs inspiration "the wind and sun are free" (as he said accoridng to STYLE.COM). 

Real Life Versions

this wasn't easy at all. looking at the backround of the tribute store it's clear to see the inspiartion for this tribute came from CHANEL's spring summer ready to wear 2013 collection. but ether i simply suck at finding the original versions of those SD clothes or SD changed the items quiet a bit (and looking at the SD version of the lego clutches i think the last suggestion is accurate) but i tryed my best. if you find a mistake please don't hesitate and write in my guestbook.

the grand plaias during chanels spring summer 2013 show








so long