LE Spring 2012

yesterday the new LE collection arrived at starplaza and today it's nearly sold out (of course). though the coloring is again a bit too cute i was more than happy with the ocean theme which is clearly taken from spring fashion shows by CHANEL andALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

i have the feeling that this collection seems to be more popular than the last one and i can understand why, the candy color problem is still there but this time we got more pastel colors and even some black pieces and the complete collection are more "wearable".  but there is still something which really shocked me, the prices went totally out of control. a pair of earrings for 40 bucks is really ridiculous. that is the reason why i only bought 2 dresses and concentrated more on the accessories. 

here is what i bought: 

scale ruffel dress (200$), mesh drip handbag ($55), metal strap wedges (50$)

lime folds dress (200$), LE coral rope tie belt (30$)

  north shore surf bag (50$), rose wing slingbacks (45$)

sea daisy belt (35$), LE heavy metal belt (30$)

as you can see the graphic (of the pieces i choose to buy) is really well done even the tiny details aren't blurry. of course we have some clothes looking like there were made out of plastic. i totally agree with the fact that older LE collection were better but i don't think graphic is the problem. i think the coloring is a way bigger issue but lets get back to topic. i'm fine with the clothes i bought and i hope you guys get all the things you wanted too.  


at the begining of this post i  already guessed which collection could have been the inspriation of the latest LE, and as i looked through the internet i found out that my guess was right , even though i could not find any chanel clothes which reappeared in the LE colletion but the whole shop design looked nearly the same as the chanel spring 2012 catwalk. some of the dresses where absolutely inspired by SARAH BURTONS spring 2012 ready to wear collection for alexander mcqueen, of course stardoll couldn't resist dyeing some of the pieces into a horrible pink (which is really sad). for burton the models looked "like a jellyfish moves in the sea,"walking down the catwalk. i love this ocean inspired collections (remember PRONEZA SHOULER spring 2010 ready to wear) and thats why i am a bit in love with this LE collection too.


 only the shape pf the shoe

stay edgy


This Is

an act for myslef. i claim this blog as a visiual styling diary for my alter ego A_Horror and as an opportunity to combine stardoll fashion and fashion outside of stardoll. inspiration is a big part for creative people whether they are fashion designer or stylist (and i think every user of stardoll is a stylist somehow nevermind if good or bad) and i thought i briefly introduce you (officially) to my personal moodboard which is simply my TUMBLR. i would be really happy if you stop by and check it out. if you  have a tumblr too feel free to add me.


but to turn back to good old stardoll, for those who haven't checked the stardoll blog community the last few days i would like to inform you that the latest LE spoiler have arrived. you can check them out at USD. i think it is pretty much inspired by the CHANEL spring ready to wear collection for example it seems the new LE shop is going to look pretty much like the chanel catwalk. another great influence seems to be ALEXANDER MCQUEEN spring ready to wear collection. but for a more detailed review you have to wait till the collection will be avaliable at the starplaza.

stay edgy 


Always Keep An Eye

on the spoilers, a really important stardoll rule. the best blog to watch spoilers is USD, i think i already mentioned it in my blog travel guide. a few hours ago i checked the spoilers on USD and i found this:

i am sorry for the bad quality of the picture i hope you can see what catches my eye in the minute i saw it, yes my little fashion victims the DSQUARED2 Skeleton Heels. if you love shoes you heard about thoes wonderfull heels i could never afford them outside of stardoll and i couldn't even thing of how to combine them with my real-life clothes but for my SD wardrobe those will be perfect. i hope we don't have to wait too long till we can get them between our greedy virtual hands.

if you are interested you should maybe check the whole fall ready to wear 2010 collection by DSQUARED2 i found this video and if you check second 0:46 you can see those killer boots in action.

for those who want to see some more deathly footwear by dsquared2 i have some real-life pictures:



i will add a little "how to combine it" when the shoes are avalible at the starplaza. i hope you are as infected by those shoes as i am and don't forget

stay edgy



i think the graphic is good, i really love these shoes already. if you want them you can get them for 9$ at the eco design shop at starplaza

and for those who think the shoes wont fit their medoll's style, i can show you how smart you can combine them. MISS.PRIVACY did a gret job as you can see on the pictuer though she prefers a more boho focused style she incorporated the shoes magnificient. 

 wonderful don't you think?



i know this blog is about fashion and i really want to keep it that way, but THIS is beyond fashion and it is important so i want to show you something and you should spread the word just watch this video, these 30 minutes may change your life ...

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