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not really a get the look post but an update on the most essential pieces in my medolls closet. the post may will be split into more then one part. i just have to see how much work i have to put into it.  so stay tuned. this blog still isn't dead ;) .

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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

so i thoguht i make a quick post to wish you all a merry christmas. i hope you enjoy the holiday season and charge your batteries for the new year 2016. i sure do. lost of good food and quality family time are the best way of leaving the stress from the last 12 months behind.

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Antidote Meets Moschino (Again)

so after many months we got a new antidote store, ok not a real store with floors and all that shazam but a pop up window store. better than nothing. just like with all the limited releases on stardoll people totally freaked out about the small moschino inspired collection. it's amazing how stardoll managed to get people excieted about antidote again and all that it took was to leave as much time as possible between the release of each antidote collection. a method they had used before. we had waiting times of over a year between some antidote collections.

i used to be more of an antidote fangirl and not that much into LE. but comparing this new antidote collection with the last LE americana collection i think both stores were equally strong. but lets talk about the source of inspiration for this antidote collection: moschino.

antidote and jeremy scott have somewhat of a history as some of the older antidote collections were inspired by his work. now that jeremy scott is creative director of moschino it's only natural for stardoll to recreate his designs for the italian fashion brand aswell. i for one am surprised stardoll hasn't copied any of the moschino barbie collection yet. i mean this seams to be a no-brainer for me … you could sell tons of pink shirts and glitter dresses stardoll! this time antidote were based on moschinos fall winter 2015 ready to wear collection in which jeremy scott paid his respect to chanels famous 1991 hip hop inspired collection.

SIDENOTE: i saw a comment on USD where someone said jeremy scott would copy other designers by putting symbols that looked like the chanel logo onto his clothes. it's not copying it's a reference to an era which is being glorified by young people all over the world. young people who couldn't even walk or weren't even born when this very iconic chanel collection was released. 90s nostalgia is a huge thing for the fashion industry and jeremy scott showed his version of this phenomenon by reinterpreting or referencing this famous chanel collection. i mean before you say something bad about an artist like jeremy scott get your facts straight girl! (sorry needed to let that out of my system)

the collection was good. the quality was decent and the pieces they decided to recreate captured the essence of jeremy scotts collection. the only thing i wasn't pleased with was the size of the collection. after such a long time since the last antidote release (which i sadly missed) i would have been more happy with a "real" antidote store and not just a pop up store in a starplaza window.

of course i bought some things from this collection but i tried to just choose things i could really use and as this collection was small from the beginning i didn't spend that much.

i was lucky do get my virtual hands on that black fur coat it sold out amazingly quick. these days i mostly buy minimlasitc items for my medolls mainly normcore inspired looks but antidote always gives me the opportunity to buy some eccentric eye catcher items like those quirky smiley face shades. i also got my medoll some of that 90s chanel inspired pieces by buying the blue antidote bags. i was so glad they used this kind of electric blue and not a horrible pink.

the last two weeks on stardoll where incredibly dull and i was kind of happy for this limited release. however i just hope stardoll will come up with something bigger for the next antidote collection but until than we have to wait but hopefully not for another 7 months.

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LE Americana

new LE. the theme was americana. so we got stars and stripes, jeans and leather. but most important: we got wearable. 

LE is often easy to compare to the phenomenon of haute couture. it's expensive, only a few can afford to buy it and there are only so much pieces of every item but one thing most LE collections (much like haute couture) lack is wearability. of course when it comes to haute couture we can sweep this lack of pieces one can actually wear in an everyday life under the rug as haute couture is considered art and a very respected craft but LE most definitly is not. so that's why i prefer a down to earth LE collection (like this one) over any kind of tacky fairytale LE collection. some of you may disagree and i can understand that but this is just my humble opinion. however this new LE collection shows some remarkable pieces which will be neglected by the genral public like those wonderful crushed velvet slides inspired by marc jacobs, because pieces like those slides may be to close to the clothes everbody can buy outside of stardoll. on the other hand we can find effortless and beautiful pieces which got sold out within minutes of the collections release (like the americana platformers). all in all i think we got a decent LE collection. of course it was a bit mean to release a new LE collection right after re-releasing the first ever LE collection a few days earlier but hey stardoll needs to make money somehow don't they …

so here is what i got. in case you're courious.



these are the items i got from the LE americana collection and as you can see evey one them fits very good into my medolls wordobe. thanks to the elegant and simple designs of those pieces it's not so difficult integrate into the look of my medoll which is another reason why i like wearable items much more than overwhelming and huge garments.

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Strike A Pose Or Why It Sometimes Matters To Be Faster Than Light

strike a pose (or SAP) is a huge think on stardoll, that much i know. yesterday the store opend its doors for another collection full of posed clothes or however you want to call them. in the outside world posing is nothing special. we move we pose. easy peasy. but for a doll in dollywood this kind of freedom is a huge deal. which makes SAP collection very popular. infact there are so popualr i managed to miss out on every single one so far. but not this time i thought. this SAP round was mine. i had friday off meaning all day to hang infront of my laptop waiting for the collection to be released. i know this kind of routine from LE and i have to admit i really like watching the madness which is always taking place in the comments of underneath stardoll. girls talking about not sleeping for hours so they wouldn't miss out on the collection. just pure comedy gold i tell you. but then everything went from sleepy to speedy. the collection came out and everybody rushed to the plaza to get their favourite items. as did i. and this is what i got.

so as you can see i didn't get much. even tought i really rushed i still got a sold out notification on most of the items i smashed into my check out. the reason for that wasn't me being too slow i know that in times like these you have to act fast. the reason was a simple factor the stardoll staff had somewhat forgot about. the factor that most of dollywoods population is female and *drumroll* white. most dolls are white or have a light skintone. nothing wrong about that. wrong was only the fact that this SAP collection was avaliable in different skintones and of course the first one (within seconds after the store opened) to go was the light skintone. which left me and a bunch of others i asume empty handed.

as frustratiting as this expirience was stardoll managed to correct their mistake by restocking all the light skintone items of yesterdays SAP release to restore fairness and keep their customers happy.

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Whoomp There It Is!

I had some time left after my daily morning rutine so i thought why not check stardoll and see if anything exciting has happend. which is almost never the case but i said to myself "lets not give up hope" and this time there even where something mildly exciting: the new callies picks store (yeay …). however when i "walked" into the store my normal callies picks excitment briefly rose as the first thing i saw was an old classic and by old i mean really old.

there it was, dangling from a lifeless arm of a dummy – the f**** ashley bag (excuse my languge). a bag which at one point in stardoll history has driven so many people mad and now it just is part of this mostly unexciting boring callies picks store. people who are newer to stardoll may not even know the importance of this bag. they may even never heard of the burning anger half of dollywood felt when stardoll banished its likes from the bazaar what many assume was an act of desperation as the bag was the reason for a vast amount of rule violations. for me finding this bag in a stardolls version of a very pricey and overrated vintage store was like finding a chanle 2.55 in my local thrift store. maybe i'm overreacting but i really lost my shit for a second when i saw it. did you guys had the same response or was it just me? i for one bought it without thinking to long about it. with 23 sd it's kind of expensive but considering the amount of sd other people payed back in the day i though it was a very very very good deal. i recommend you to buy this bag even if you think it's too expensive believe me buy it and you will free yourself from tons of pain after it's out of the plaza again and everybody who hasn't bought it (for some reason) decides to get it from the bazaar. 

so stardoll if you're reading this maybe also bring back the rest of the mary kate and ashley pieces i mean just ignore all the hate people who bought them for embarrassing high prices will give you (most of them probably have left stardoll long ago) and  put them out there. i mean come on just do it!

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this one is so so so late. i had this post in my queue for ages but never managed to finish it. long story short here it is (yeay).

some of you may remember the gift-o-meter we had during easter. i have to admit it was one of the better ones. still i'm not fond of the whole concept behind those meters. don't really see the point in buying clothes to get clothes for free if i only get them if i spend a certain amount of money because then i could've just bought them.

streetstyle has already become a big part of fashion weeks all over the world. the show before the show is a good way to take a look at how the professional fashion victims style the items we see on the catwalk. hundrets of photographers are trying to get the perfect pictures of style icons like anna della russo, the beckerman twinsleandra medine and many more.

of course stardoll is aware of this development in the fashion world and took it upon themself to give us the oppertunity to recreate some of the streetstyle looks seen outside the shows from fall 2015. the looks used as bluprints for the clothes we could get – during the easter gift-o-meter – where captured by my all time favourite streetstyle photographer tommy ton. if this name doesn't ring a bell i strongly recommend checking him out.

i didn't get all the things from the gift-o-meter as i'm not whilling to spend more stardollars as i want only to get all the items from a gift-o-meter (duh!). but the ones i got are shown in the picture below.


i totally fell inlove with the jeans, which also where the first items i recognized because i had seen them in a street style look shot by tommy ton.

the bag (gift for spending 15 sd)

the lether ankle boots (gift for spending 25 sd)

a sparkly turtleneck plus the vest  (gift for spending 40 sd)

a pair of momjeans (gift for spending 55 sd)
the cape (gift for spending 160 sd)

black bag (gift for spending 100 sd)

brow leather jacket or dress (gift for spending 140 sd)

space inspired valentino dress (gift for spending 200 sd)

these are all the original items i could find. i really like the fact that stardoll took pieces from these street style looks and made them part of dollywood. these women really have a great sence in fashion and its nice to have a part of their wardrobe at our hands. so i hope stardoll will do something like this again. i would totally freak out if one day they would open a store inspired by streetstyle looks … … … … … who am i kidding that is never going to happen but a girl can dream can't she?

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A Quick Confession

the weather here is way to good to be sitting infront of my laptop typing this post but hey i'm in a rebellious mood and just because everybody is sitting outside enjoying the sun i don't have too …

i though i share my latest stardoll obsession with you. as i mentioned in my post about stardolls way of evolving, wigs are becoming more and more important. instead of choosing between the hairstyles stardoll is offering, talented wig designer are gifting us with their wonderful creations. but where to find good wigs? that is a question i'd asked myself alot. i searched through dollywood and seldom found what i was looking for. of course i bought the blonde sasha luss inspired wig from XxXLachelleXxX and waited patiently for the short black bob wig by sorigugu. but those wigs where everywhere and i wanted something maybe a bit more natural. however someday i found the stardoll user cecyleivaa and i was so impressed by the hairstyles she had in her bazaar.

her wigs arn't "too polished" instead their are easy and comfortable looking while always having this edgy feel to them. just like hairstyles i would choose outside of sd. which is why i had to buy as many styles as possible.



i have a few more but those shown above are my abslut favourite righ now. cecyleivaas wigs just feel natural and fit perfectly with my medolls style. so if you're still searching for a wig that matches your medoll i suggest you pay cecyleivaa a visit. i for one am more than happy about finding those awsome wigs.

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Apre Ski?

so this post is a little outdated regarding its content. first because the item i'm about to discuss is no longer available at the starplaza (but hey you can always try your luck at the starbazaar) and second because the item does not really fit into any summer oriented fashion look. but since this blog has been dead for way way way way way too long i thought i just ignore those two facts and post it anyway … hoping my lovely readers will find inspiration in this post anyways. 

so what is the misterious item i'm talking about. it is small and i'm pretty sure most of you didn't bought it as it's kind of daring and difficult to style. 

it's those rad looking glasses i'm speaking about. these ski glasses where part of the tommy hilfiger tribute and although i'm not a fan of this fashion house i bought those glasses anyway mainly because of the following pictures.

like all creative things fashion is on its best level when people try something different. it's always interesting to take things and translate them into a whole new context. and this is exaclty what has been done on the above pictures. to put on a pair of ski glasses far away from any kind of ski runs is really badass and thats why i needed to buy the sd version of this idea. 


so this could be how the glasses can look in action. of course you don't have to use a beanie you could go for a more modest outfit. i liked this little pop of color.

i'm done for now. i hope i could show you something new and for those who bought the glasses a way to style them. for those who didn't bought them but kind of liked this look remember to check the bazaar, i'm pretty sure you can find it for a good deal.

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Did You Know?

for all those who miss me posting here. try to check out my tumblr. i know its not sd related but my tumblr is full of pictures which inspire me one way or the other. and i'm sure you can find some inspiration there too. 


i would like to post something SD releated but right now i simply don't have a good idea so you have to be patient. plus i have soooo much work to do finding the time to create a post is next to impossible.

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LE Noir

yeah you could call this LE collection noir. for the first time in … i actually don't know how long it has been since SD released a LE collecion where you almost had no color. a nice suprise. checking the comments on the USD post showing the spoilers for the now released new LE collection i also was suprised to read almost no hate comments. everybody seemed excited about this collection. so stardoll this may be a sign to release collections looking as sophisticated as this one more often (*wink*)

i was online the complete day and checking in on USD now and then to see if LE had already hit the plaza but i ended up being to late for two of the items i really wanted anyway. not because i got to the plaza way to late i literally where only 5 minutes late. this collection is or was selling like crazy.
but i managed getting my virtual hands on some of the items i really wanted. which ones you can see below.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

thats all folks! no shoes or bags or hats. i had to choose wisely as i'm a bit low on cash at the moment. but i think i picked some very nice items plus i got the cozy sweater which i wanted really badly. 

i hope you guys where able to buy your favourite pieces even if you haven't been glued to your computer all day. it really went a little overboard this time. i mean i understand the excitment but maybe if we could all be a little bit more relaxed about it more people could get the chance of getting something from these limited collections.

and as i'm just to lazy to search for the real life versions of these above shown clothes i give you instead a picture of my medoll wearing my absolute favourite piece of this LE collection. (yeah i know a sad alternative but hey it's something)

 my medoll is wearing (from top to bottom) white collard crop top (bonjour bizou), cozy le sweater (le), vaccation shirt (mr), micheal stage trousers (roaylty), buffalo inspired sneakers (original future), white satchel bag (basics) 
and last but not least peach monster keychain (fendi tribute).

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Get The Look (Normcore)

so fashion is an ever changeging element with alot of rules but almost no borders, which means those many rules are there to be broken into a million little pieces. in this day and age it's more than complicated to create something new in terms of design. everything somehow has been done before, every rule has been somehow broken before. this leaves the people of my generation in an akward postion. what to do next?

this post will try to decode the most discussed fashion trend of the past years (drumroll please!) … normcore! yeah the bad bad word which seems to have coused an oproar in the fashion community meaning some love and live it and some just simply dislike it. many people before me tried to decode this style but i trie to tell you guys how to transform normcore to stardoll. however i also just really wanted to dive into this trend and try to understand it and reflect my own personal style in terms of how normcore am i?

so when first starting my research i stumbeld upon the name alice goddard. alice is a stylist and co founder of the magazin hot and cold. her looks are simple using clothes that have a somhow "ugly"  vibe to them or in her  words, "(to take) something—an item, a character or an idea—that I find kind of ugly and gross, and making it good.” goddard manages to create humble looks who at first seam affordless but when you look closely you see that every item used where carfully chosen.

hot and cold magazin

lets go back to the question i asked at the very beginngin of this post. whats next? in a socitey where all limits seams to have lost their meaning young people are faceing the challenge of not nowing where to stand really. this all sounds pretty negativ and melodramatic but i think it's just how many people are feeling. with normcore all trends have come to an end. it's an anti fashion statment or at least it tries to be. you can stop worrying about sticking out of the mass and rather just blend in. rebellion without rebelling in a way. normcore takes 90s nostalgia and modernism to create a look of nothing and that is ok. infact it's kind of brillant. 

for all of you who never heard of the word normcore before i will explain it very quickly. normcore is a mix of the two words "normal" and "hardcore" and it seems to be first introduced by a creative collective called k-hole (but i can't say for sure if this is really the case or is sombody else introduced the word) in there digitaly published pamphlet "youth mode: a report on freedom". you can download it on their webside for free, its kind of interesting to read.





k-hole collective



 kate moss photographed by corinne day

celine resort 2015 campaign (starring daria werbowy)



so now you may have a better understanding of the word normcore and can imagine how this "look" presents itself outside of sd. now i want to show you how i recreated it for my medoll. i searched through my medolls wardrope and looked for pieces that i thought would fit my interpretation of the normcore trend. i was very suprised finding a good number of items to use. seems like i had all those great clothes which i seldom or never used and which now after my research for this post are essential to my medolls look.

shirts are essential to this look, you will need them and you should use plain colors or no colors at all and focus on balck and white pieces. you can choose between elgent pieces and sportswear. the black mesh shirt is a good piece if you want to add a little edge to your outfit. 

dresses aren't really common among those who like to rock the normcore look but hey you can do what ever you want really. only keep in mind to use sportswear inspired dresses or find dresses that have a easy and simple cut. try to avoid patterns or at least use dresses with graphically and simple prints or patterns. 

mom jeans or dad jeans are the go to pants for this look. you may feel kind of umcomfortable using those pants but they really give your look a layed back feeling and underline the i-really-don't-care attiude (of course you do care but nobody need to know that). sweatpants work aswell but i would recomend the ones that fit tight around you legs. you can feel comfortable but you can't feel like some dude in the supermarket on saturday buying pizza and beer to eat and drink on his couch. 

 when choosing a t-shirt to go with your outfit you can use the same tips i gave regarding the shirts.
white and simple. if you want a little bit of an edge you can use sheer fabrics.

sweaters can be wide and comfortable. again avoid strong colors. grey, black, white, dark blue or beige are the best colors to use for this look.

 coats should be long. the best ones to use are coats which are inspired by menswear. trench or wool coats are a good choice. the strike a pose coats from the last collection are very good for this look. i just recently bought them from the bazaar so thats why they don't appear on this post. if you have them defentily use them if you don't the chanel coat, which is shown on the above picture, works too.

i honestly saw very vew normcore people wearing skirts, but i think the ones i choos could work very well, they are very simple yet elegant.  

showing your belly is totally fine but when your using crop tops you should use sportswear inspired ones or try to find pieces which look like someone from the 1990s could have worn them. 

try to hold back with accessories, this look is simple and to many jewlery or a big hat may could distract to much from the clothes.  

of course you have to use sneakers, sadly sd isn't offering a version of the infmous adilette so we have to skip that one. but you can find a sd version of birkenstocks at fallen angel those should definitely be used in your normcore look. 

as always it can be that some of the above shown clothes are no longer avalible, but most of the time you can find an alternative. also these items are just an example so you could get an idea of which clothes to use for this kind of look. if you want to now prices and names of these pieces feel free to contact me via my medolls guestbook (i'm just to lazy to write all these things down on here). 






i had so much fun creating these looks to show you guys how you could style a normcore inspired look on sd. maybe some of these aren't a 100 percent normcore but i think i cought the essence of the it all. by essence i mean a feel of 90s nostalgia paired with the sportswear hype, which dominated the last few seasons. in the end its all about blending in, but choosing everything very carefully. looking at a normcore outfit you may catch yourself thinking so what she put on some mom jeans and a pair of sneakers. but if you really disect the outfit you understand that even though the premiss of the look is to look effortless, that a lot of efort has gone into it. its a bit like nude make up. you try to look like you aren't wearing any make up and to achieve that you really have to think hard which colors and products to use. 

normcore may be just another fast fashion trend which is destined to be forgotten but i think it's a refreshing one and i have to admit during the process of writing this post i had to order myself a pair of adilettes or adiletten just to have some part in this new way of looking at fashion and the industrie behind it.

i hope you could find some inspiration in this post. maybe you already have some of the items i showed above in your medolls closet and now you have a new way to style them. or you knew all about normcore all along and this was a nice way for you to see what i'm thinking of it. i just hope you had fun reading and feeling ready to embrace the normcore way of life. 

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