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hot chip - motion sickness
m.i.a. - bad girls
die antwoord -i fink u freeky
crystal castles - wrath of god
cat power - manhattan
elli goulding - lights
lana del rey - blue jeans
bombay bycicle club
teed - tapes and money
azelia banks - 212
django django - storm
grimes - oblivion
autolux - transit transit
passion pit - i'll be alright


ATTENTION_ nymph attire will now be closed for a few weeks. we all need to rest for a while before we continue our trip through the virtual world of fashion, fame and friends. nymphattire will be back at the end of january with a new the get the look post. so while we're sleeping feel free to browse through our archive and you can still visit A_Horrors and Kreaturas suits.


I Have

a huge anouncment to make. it is something which was in pogress a while ago but  i wanted to make sure everything is going well before i inform my readers about it. i think you all really want to hear my big news so i better stop the chatting and get it out haha!

i managed to adopet a second account! which means i didn't create an all new doll but i adopted a doll whoms owner has decided it's time to leave dollywood for good and before i reveal the identity of this very doll i think i need to say a few things.

i know SD isn't really ok with transfering accounts between users and i have the feeling many users agree with it maybe that's because so many dolls got stolen which is unacceptabel but if both parties agree and set a fair deal which is controlling the situation than i don't think it's a problem. just an example: there is a person being a member of the SD community for quiet a while and this persone helps SD to keep the whole thing running by purchasing superstar memberships and even is a royalty member. a persone who put alot of time and (yes i just say it) love into it. a nice suit, a closet full of wonderful clothes and now i'm asking why all this should go to waste simply because this person may grow out of SD and is ready to move on and SD is forbidding this persone to let somebody else take care of this account. you may say that is not forbidden SD doesn't care but they do care when you and the persone exchange money for the account but excuse me if you have payed so much money on the account at first place why it is a problem to sell it (yes i just said the bad word). i don't think this is a problem at all. but this is just my opinion and i'm not saying you should start searching for a doll with tons of rares whom's owner hasn't been online for 3 months and start harass him 24/7 that's not how it should be and that's not how i got my second account that's something i would rather keep to myself. 

ok now that you all know my opinion about adopting another account i might aswell can say who is now part of my SD family (sounds a bit strange and creepy but you know i'm that way haha):

the nickname is kreatura and you may recognize her because i did a post about her in my graphisme cloum, she is a wonderful exampel of a doll which is just different and as i already wrote in that post she is the doll which showed my a different SD a SD which i love, which is edgy, dark and simply interesting. her owner wasn't really active the last months and now i'm the lucky person which will keep kreatura alive and her great suit and album open for all the dolls seeking for inspiration. 

and now something which is also important when you adopt another doll espacialy when you adopt one which is as unique and edgy as kreatura its ok do transfer all the rare fashion items to your account but you shouldn't suck all live out of the doll, there should be some nice things left she can wear and if a suit is as marveouls as kreaturas you may don't change it and what you also shouldn't change is the face i think that's kind of cruel. i know it's just a virtual pixel bunch but once somebody but time and creativity into the look of the doll and therefor it shouldn't be changed completly. 

ok i think this is all i wanted to say. some of you may not really agree with me on that topic but we can't always be on the same page can we? i hope you somehow are happy for me and i would be very glad if you stop by kreaturas account and leave a nice comment for her or me because at the end it's same persone behind this doll as it is behind A_Horror.

keep edgy 



Yes It Is

7 degrees outside and no snow outside and i love it! it's xmas and i feel calm and happy no trouble with the weather and in a few hours i will meet my friends to celebrate and party hard (!) but for now something you all deserve to hear/read from me

Minimalism (get the look)

after my research for this post i came to the conclusion that minimalism is pretty much the style i prefer in my life outside of SD which makes this post very special to me. i would like to show you a way of dressing down without looking boring which is the most difficult part when it comes to minimal looks. you can't really distract your audience with a huge amaunt of extravagance you have to express your message with shape and shape only! if you want to do this reading this post is exactly what you need. i'm going to show you how you can stay simple and edgy at the same time.

this video features a preview for ALEXANDER WANG's 2012 ready to wear collection and i've chosen it to get you guy's into the right mood for this post. the video pretty much shows all the things being important to create a decent minimal look: challenging shapes, modern cuts, exclusive fabrics and almost no color (i know the video is in black and white but click here and you can see that this collection is coming without almost no color). besides alexander wang JIL SANDER is a fashion house which shows how exciting and modern it can be to stop the extravagance and focus on the important and essential things.

 moodboard "minimalism"

alexander wang pre fall 2013

... it is very difficult to create a calm and simple but edgy look as there is a difficulty in finding the right materials. first there aren't many things released which would fit into an reduced minimal look and if they are it seems like the average SD user  doesn't notice it at all until those things are vanishing form the starplaza (e.g. the pleather platforms or the rustle of wind skirt) suddenly those calm and unnoticed garments become rare and popular. but luckly the new nelly.com store offers lots of things you can use to create a look shown in the pictures above and don't worry it doesn't have to be high fashion but keep in mind it shouldn't be boring! so try to use pieces with a good graphic and a special appareance means a cut out top or shoes with an abstract shape.




looking at those outfits you may get an impression of what i'm trying to say. you see those clothes may look simple but they all have a special way of being simple. means they may are plane but a bold cut out and an asymmetric shape are giving them a unique way of excitment (i hope you know what i mean).

normaly beneath those pictures of recommended clothes i listed all the clothes up, with their right names lables and prices but i won't do this anymore as it is way to much work and i think if you are really interested in one of the piece feel free to contact me in my GB i'm glad to inform you where to get the item and how much i payed for it.

and if you want to start trying on your own now and have the feeling your closet isn't containing the right things for a minimal look make sure to stop by the nelly.com store i'm pretty sure you'll find the right stuff there.

before i will say goodbye to you guys i have two wonderful videos from two even more beautiful jil sander collections to give you a final impression of a perfect minimal way of dressing.


stay edgy



Coming Soon

i know i posted a coming soon for the minimalism get the look post a few weeks ago and i promise i'm working on it (it's almost finished!) but i had this idea a while ago and right now i have the time to work on both posts so that's why you can look forward for not one but two get the look posts! 

stay edgy 



Fashion Is

always a development, you can't just create a style out of nothing and i think this process of development is pretty exciting. that's why i started to photograph almost every A_Horror look i created for the past two months. now after capturing 51 looks i though it was time to present this little project to my wonderful readers. so please feel free to visit the evolution section of this blog. the video is a bit small (but for the love of god i just couldn't figure out how to make it bigger hahaha). maybe i will ad some more parts to this video but i'm not so sure right now. i hope you like my litte experiment and maybe you will start doing something like this too. believe me it's so interesting to see how your doll is developing. 

stay edgy



Maison Martin Margiela @ Pet a Porter

yes i know the PET A PORTER CLOTHES HORSE store has openend it's door a while ago ... shame on me for recognizing this so late but better later than never (i don't know if you can say it like this in english but in german it works hahaha). all the true fashionistas may already heard about the collaboration between H&M and MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA a french based fashion lable founded by MARTIN MARGIELA and known for its avant-garde designs. many designer refer to MMM as a source of inspiration but  "normal" people often never heard of the brand that's why i think it's wonderful H&M are working with them. most of the collection is no longer avaliable but luckly SD managed to put a very special piece in the starplaza means you can still get your piece of the cake. 


the graphic is marveouls and you can get it for 11$ (which is a very good price) at the pet a porter clothes horse store (funny name for a shop don't you think?). down below you can admire the original version.


for me there is no doubt that the SD coat was inspired by this MMM for h&m coat.
a short post  i know but i needed to share this with you.
i love this coat and i think the price is really fair so if you haven't already bought it i can recommend you to do it as soon as you can, this a piece a really fashion vicitim or doll should have in their wardrobe.

stay edgy 


P.S.: don't forget to stop by my holiday special post about the nelly.com holiday calender i'm sure you will enjoy it ... so long



the holiday season is coming closer and closer and i have to say (actually write) i'm not a big fan of christmas and the cold seasons at all! as much as i'm annoyed by all the christmas cheesy stuff i really like being with my family and that's basically what christmas is all about but with all this buying and spending money and choosing the right christams eve dress and bake cookies, the people forget about this basic idea of being with your loved ones but that's not the point of this post (sorry i kinda lost it here for a second haha)  ...  the point is even though i'm not such a christmas girl i would like to do something special for the holidays on this very blog and as i've come to really like the nelly hotbuys calender so far i decided to present you guys the real life versions of the upcoming clothes and show you a simple and nice way of combinig them in a outfit so you will see a new post hear almost every day simply click on the christmas calender site and watch which real life brand is behind the clothes of the nelly.com hotbuys calender. hey ho lets go ...