i should call this blog an old lady by now ... 100 POSTS who would have thought that! this is the time where i have to thank my dear readers and all my media partners for supporting me and this little one woman project which is so important to me. i hope you all celebrate with me hoping for 100 more posts to come 



Printed Shirts

are a big part in the fashion industrie. we all have them in our closet nevermind if in our everyday life or in our online playworld called stardoll. if you walk through the virtual shops of starplaza you'll find some really nice printed shirts and of course there is the opportunity to design your own teeprint with stardesign fashion. recently i discovered another way to create a t-shirt print on SD and in this post i will tell you how to do it, i also will reveal the three most loved printed shirts my medoll owns.

ok lets start with the DIY lesson. what do we need:

     without a print or pattern, the choice of color is up to you. i used white and black

    as you can see above i picked two things which i thought could look good, those items    
    are going    
    to be the print for your t-shirt.   
    there are a few things you need to consider before choosing a motive for your shirt.

- you can use interior objects on your medoll but you can't cover them so you need to make sure the object isn't too wide. 
- if you want to make sure the print is recognizable it's better to adjust the color of the print object and the shirt color for example if you use a black shirt the print shouldn't be dominated by black too. 

and now we put the shirt and the suitshop item together:

it is easy peasy isn't it?! your possibilitys are endless just pick a random item from the suit shop (considering the two things i mentioned above) mix and match as much as you want. to make this very easy diy shirt even cooler think about the fact that it's totally unique. 

after talking so much about shirts and t-shirts i think it's a very good idea to show you some of my favourite sd print shirts.



fan shirts and shirts with a punk and or rock n roll attitude are not only my favourit shirts in real life my medolls wardrobe is full of them too and thats why this is my first choice for this top 3, being a rebel is not only cool sometimes it's necessary.



bob dylan is my biggest hero i love his music and i try to understand his songs for so many years and i know it will take me much more wisdom befor i will which makes his music timeless for me. the fact that SD releases a bob dylan fanshirt is great and of course it's one of my favourite shirts. by the way there is a song by bob dylan called "north country blues" stardoll just changed the titel a bit maybe because of the copyrights, you can find the song on spotify. it's worth listening to!

 i know it's not the exact same shirt ...



this is my absolute favourite shirt, it's inspired by CHRONICLES OF NEVER's blind silence shirt. i like the words printed on it and the greyish white. simple and elegant the perfect shirt for a medoll called A_Horror.

so many shirts i think we're all need a little break for know. the next post will about one of SD's moste creative user so long my dear readers don't forget to ... 

stay edgy 



Sailor (get the look)

ok first i owe you a big apology i promised to upload this post one week ago. i hope you show some mercy i just couldn't finish it and i would never upload a unfinished post or a post in which i haven't put all my heart and energy but no excuses anymore lets start with the post.

a sailor ... a man dedicated to the sea, full of bravery. sailors are part of so many tales and legends, giving lots of creative people even more inspiration.  the heroic man sailing the mighty sea, discovering even the most dangerous parts of our blue planet. maybe its the fact that all living things started to exisit in the ocean what makes us so atteched to it and those brave men (nower days being on borad of a ship is pretty save but a few centuries ago it was really dangerous and life-threatening) who followed and still following this call are special. to honor this precious profession dressing up in a sailor shirt and put on a captain's hat wouldn't really be enough would it? because that's just a uniform but we want to wear the great ocean itself (not only dress like a old man who once guided his ship across the ocean).

this is a scene from the 2011 released movie "oceans" i think it will set you into the right mood for this post. i can only recommend this movie being a wonderful motionpicture of the ocean. 

before i will go one with the inspiration part of this post i would like to tell you a little story which explains how i build this post and the outfits and clothes that will be featured in it.
once a well known women (which wasn't that well known at the time this little story took place) went to the shore and when she walked across the beach right after the sun was rising she saw a group of sailors wearing striped shirts which during the times of this events was a common seaman unifrom however the woman saw those men and somehow got inspired. maybe it was the moment which let her saw those shirts as something which represented freedom or the strenght of the men wearing those shirts. however she traveld back home and used the shirts as part of her very own fashion reveloution ... of course i'm talking about COCO CHANEL and those of you who saw the movie "coco befor chanel" maybe recognized this story as a scene from the movie. those events changed fashion itself. what i'm trying to say is coco chanel took these shirts and made them part of her art and this is what we are ging to do too. we take the spirit of the seaman and use it for our fashion ... i hope you understand what i mean. 


moodboard sailor :

 alexander mcqueen's girl from atlantis spring 2010 campaign


 dior's spring 2011 campaign

the moodboard is focused on the creatures living in the sea and the myths serrounding them. remeber what i said about the spirit we want to transform into fashion. 

i created looks focusing not only on a sailor but also the most important things around him the sea and the creatures living in it, it was fun creating the fish outfit as it allowed me to be a bit crazy.
of course if you want to create a sailor-look there are basic items which are necessary (like the striped shirt or the colors blue, red and gold) but besides these basics it's always good to leave the save path and explore what lays besides. try to be crearive for example my captain outfit, i choose to use the striped shirt and a captain's hat but i thought of using a different color (black and silver) to make my captain look a bit more edgy. below i gatherd some more clothes which could be helpful to make your sailor look work, you don't have to use these exact clothes just look through your wordrobe and see if you can find things similar to those below.

1. dazzled tights by chanel tribute (vintage) 2. baby blue denim skirt by ppq (14 $) 3. glass spikes necklace by nikolas kirkwood tribute (vintage) 4. pink pearl clutch by chanel tribute (vintage) 5. sailor dress by it girls (vintage) 6. riot jeans skirt by frankie morello tribute (14$) 7. scale ruffel dress by LE (haute couture) 8. grey net turtleneck by apres ski (8$) 9. coral heel shoes by bonjour bizou (5$) 10. hotbuys fanny pack by fallen angel (vintage) 11. beaded shells cuff by riviera (vintage) 12. clock locked necklace by bonjour bizou (vintage) 13. ecco girl belt by st. trinians 2 shop (vintage) 14. swing coat by fallen angel (vintage) 15. boyfriend shoes by mortal kiss (vintage) 16. ivoire orbit socks by antidote (vintage) 17. silk shirt by archive (vintage) 18. taupe envelope clutch by it girls (10$) 19. cropped cotton jacket dress by philosophy (vintage) 20. tote handbag by bonjour bizou (vintage)  21. chloe sandals by bonjour bizou (vintage) 22. mesh drip handbag by LE (haute couture) 23. mermaid blouse by bonjour bizou (12$) ....  and at the top right corner the nightlife wave sweater by bonjour bizou (vintage)  which i've forgotten to number.

fish are living in the sea and some of them are shining in the brightest colors. the sea bears creatures which the human mind can't even think of. how beautifl those patterns and colors can look outside of the deep blue sea was shown at the release day of PROENZA SCHOULER's spring ready to wear 2010 collection which still is one of my faveourites. the designer duo used those extrem colors which mother nature has to offer for their spring collection so that even the "boring" humans can wear them and look just as edenic as a clown fish in a great coral reef.
i gatherd almost all of this proenza schouler collection which was released at starplaza and would like to show it to you, i think it perfectly fits into this post and if you have some of these pieces in your closet you can also use them  for creating a alternative sailor look.

i think we reached the end of our jurney. what is left to say at the end of this post is that the sailor-look seems to be easy at first glance but if you don't want to look like a foolish and drunk carnival idiot it's better to put some effort and thought into this and at the end you will not only look like a proud person which sailed the seven seas but you will feel like the sea itself aswell ... uh that sounded heroic and i think its the best way to close this post. 

all we see is the sea