Antidote Meets Moschino (Again)

so after many months we got a new antidote store, ok not a real store with floors and all that shazam but a pop up window store. better than nothing. just like with all the limited releases on stardoll people totally freaked out about the small moschino inspired collection. it's amazing how stardoll managed to get people excieted about antidote again and all that it took was to leave as much time as possible between the release of each antidote collection. a method they had used before. we had waiting times of over a year between some antidote collections.

i used to be more of an antidote fangirl and not that much into LE. but comparing this new antidote collection with the last LE americana collection i think both stores were equally strong. but lets talk about the source of inspiration for this antidote collection: moschino.

antidote and jeremy scott have somewhat of a history as some of the older antidote collections were inspired by his work. now that jeremy scott is creative director of moschino it's only natural for stardoll to recreate his designs for the italian fashion brand aswell. i for one am surprised stardoll hasn't copied any of the moschino barbie collection yet. i mean this seams to be a no-brainer for me … you could sell tons of pink shirts and glitter dresses stardoll! this time antidote were based on moschinos fall winter 2015 ready to wear collection in which jeremy scott paid his respect to chanels famous 1991 hip hop inspired collection.

SIDENOTE: i saw a comment on USD where someone said jeremy scott would copy other designers by putting symbols that looked like the chanel logo onto his clothes. it's not copying it's a reference to an era which is being glorified by young people all over the world. young people who couldn't even walk or weren't even born when this very iconic chanel collection was released. 90s nostalgia is a huge thing for the fashion industry and jeremy scott showed his version of this phenomenon by reinterpreting or referencing this famous chanel collection. i mean before you say something bad about an artist like jeremy scott get your facts straight girl! (sorry needed to let that out of my system)

the collection was good. the quality was decent and the pieces they decided to recreate captured the essence of jeremy scotts collection. the only thing i wasn't pleased with was the size of the collection. after such a long time since the last antidote release (which i sadly missed) i would have been more happy with a "real" antidote store and not just a pop up store in a starplaza window.

of course i bought some things from this collection but i tried to just choose things i could really use and as this collection was small from the beginning i didn't spend that much.

i was lucky do get my virtual hands on that black fur coat it sold out amazingly quick. these days i mostly buy minimlasitc items for my medolls mainly normcore inspired looks but antidote always gives me the opportunity to buy some eccentric eye catcher items like those quirky smiley face shades. i also got my medoll some of that 90s chanel inspired pieces by buying the blue antidote bags. i was so glad they used this kind of electric blue and not a horrible pink.

the last two weeks on stardoll where incredibly dull and i was kind of happy for this limited release. however i just hope stardoll will come up with something bigger for the next antidote collection but until than we have to wait but hopefully not for another 7 months.

so long