It seems

that SD sometimes remembers about the fact that some of their customers are over 13 years old,  this is what i thought when i logged into my account just two hours ago and saw the FRANKIE MORELLO (a fashion lable which i haven't heard about until this very moment) tribute store. i completely lost it and bought so much it's embarrassing to write down the actual amount of stardollar i spent. but i felt like a wayfarer in the desert who ultimately found water means finally after weeks of horrible colors (and a complete LE desaster collection) there is a shop in starplaza which seems to be opend only for me and all the people in dollywood who like to dress edgy, who are loving black and white and grey, who can't stop buying stuff with studs on it. as if some SD employee entered my mind ... just wonderful! this tribute store is marvelous and i'm broke now haha! so if you still didn't got it ... go and buy as much as you can i know all of you who don't will regret it someday!


 white out shirt (15 $), standoff robe (18 $)

the franki morello tribute is full of exciting clothes which will make the person who wears them center of attention, but we also have pieces which are perfect for a plain and velvet outfit and as a matter of fact clothes like those are rare to find on SD and this is the first reason why i love this tribute. 

dazzled jacket (32 $), bolts and dice necklace (8 $), gold riot shirt (12$), studded glitter purse (22$) 

a few sentence ago i mentioned the clothes appearing in the shop which will let you shine, its important to not over use pieces like those shown in the above picture but if you want to spice a modest look up, garments like this will totally work. a jacked which will turn you into a modern goldmarie this is the second reason why i love this tribute.

spiked platfroms (12 $), spiked gladiator sandles (12 $)

besides the rad clothes i found some really hot shoes too, if you like to pretend to be in a fierce girl gang (and i mean this absolutly postive) which is known for ruling the playground those heels and flats need to be in your wardrobe, it seems like they can really kill somebody and this is the third reasons why i love this tribute. 

and after all this doxology i hope you will be on my side and celebrate this store. i mean this may be an overreaction after all this is just a shop in a virtual game but as shops like this one seems to become an endangered species i think its ok to freak out a little. lets face it if we wouldn't cheer up in moments like this than its time to leave SD forever. 


seems like that most of the SD clothes seems to be based on frankie morello's fall winter 2012/13 women's collection

dazzled jacket

 white out shirt

bolts and dice necklace


(i hope you can watch it because i can't)

stay edgy 



Coming Soon

and by the way, i'm sorry for not posting last week i just had no time, but the "get the look" post will be ready on sunday i promise! so keep checking maybe i have time for a small post during the week. 

keep edgy 




should i write about the new LE, i'm pretty sure you all have read enough about it on all the other SD blogs. I thought i should focus on something which maybe is gone down because of all that LE excitment

the amzing shark tooth necklace by GIVENCHY, when i first saw it on spoilers i totally freaked and i have to admit this necklace is way better then the whole LE collection, maybe the graphic quality is not the best but i still love the fact SD did recreated it so i can put it on my medoll!

for those who have no idea what i'm talking/writing about ... here is a picture:

the necklace appeard in givenchys spring summer 2012 collection, a very minimalistic collection  dominated by light pink colors (but in a very nice way not in a girlish SD way) and white so i would recommed a simple and elegant look, white or other very pale colors and a nude make up for your medoll because if you want to use this necklace nothing should distract from its raw metallic beauty.

again a really short post, i hope you will not get bored by those but at the moment i just have no time for a more detailed post. so i hope you can enjoy some good weather most of you propably celebrating their sommer vacation sigh ... ok thats it folks 

stay edgy



i totally got bored of my medolls look, i know its not pretty nice to say that, but its the truth... i needed a change and to do that i choose a total color explosion and dyed the hair of my medoll ... yes blue! i was totally impressed by the intensive blue color i found in my beauty parlor which haven't used for years. if you are bored like me with your medolls look i can really recommend to do something crazy (but not too crazy it's important to not freak out completely) and you don't have to use blue you can use any color you want like green, yellow or pink.

a special tip for those who are brave enough to follow my crazy change against total boredom:
just because you have blue (yellow, red or pink) hair you should keep dressing like you always do. i recognized that i only choose clothes which matched the new hair color of mymedoll that means i try to dress maritime and choosed a lot of blue and white and silver. but if you really want the haircolor to be the center of attention you should try to dress like your medoll has normal brown or blonde haircolor. i hope you get what i'm trying to say here haha. below i have some pictures of my medoll and a blueboard (which is simply a moodboard)

after looking at these 3 looks i think you'll understand what i mean by saying to not choose clothes which could fit to your hair. the bue hair is seeker of attention because you got the slight feeling it doesn't fit in the outfit but on the other hand it doesn't look like a huge chaos this is a effect i really like and i think my medoll will stay blue (haha) for a while.

 blue is life, life is blue

stay edgy