i totally got bored of my medolls look, i know its not pretty nice to say that, but its the truth... i needed a change and to do that i choose a total color explosion and dyed the hair of my medoll ... yes blue! i was totally impressed by the intensive blue color i found in my beauty parlor which haven't used for years. if you are bored like me with your medolls look i can really recommend to do something crazy (but not too crazy it's important to not freak out completely) and you don't have to use blue you can use any color you want like green, yellow or pink.

a special tip for those who are brave enough to follow my crazy change against total boredom:
just because you have blue (yellow, red or pink) hair you should keep dressing like you always do. i recognized that i only choose clothes which matched the new hair color of mymedoll that means i try to dress maritime and choosed a lot of blue and white and silver. but if you really want the haircolor to be the center of attention you should try to dress like your medoll has normal brown or blonde haircolor. i hope you get what i'm trying to say here haha. below i have some pictures of my medoll and a blueboard (which is simply a moodboard)

after looking at these 3 looks i think you'll understand what i mean by saying to not choose clothes which could fit to your hair. the bue hair is seeker of attention because you got the slight feeling it doesn't fit in the outfit but on the other hand it doesn't look like a huge chaos this is a effect i really like and i think my medoll will stay blue (haha) for a while.

 blue is life, life is blue

stay edgy