should i write about the new LE, i'm pretty sure you all have read enough about it on all the other SD blogs. I thought i should focus on something which maybe is gone down because of all that LE excitment

the amzing shark tooth necklace by GIVENCHY, when i first saw it on spoilers i totally freaked and i have to admit this necklace is way better then the whole LE collection, maybe the graphic quality is not the best but i still love the fact SD did recreated it so i can put it on my medoll!

for those who have no idea what i'm talking/writing about ... here is a picture:

the necklace appeard in givenchys spring summer 2012 collection, a very minimalistic collection  dominated by light pink colors (but in a very nice way not in a girlish SD way) and white so i would recommed a simple and elegant look, white or other very pale colors and a nude make up for your medoll because if you want to use this necklace nothing should distract from its raw metallic beauty.

again a really short post, i hope you will not get bored by those but at the moment i just have no time for a more detailed post. so i hope you can enjoy some good weather most of you propably celebrating their sommer vacation sigh ... ok thats it folks 

stay edgy