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its this time again where i am in a desperate need of space and thats why i once more looked through A_Horrors wardrobe and cleaned it from all those pieces i rarely use. so make sure to click on the picture above and visit my bazaar. 


Crystal Heeled Shoes

i love crystals, i don't know i simply can't help it. those of you who know my tumblr may have noticed that i like to reblogg pictures showing the sparkling mineral and when it comes to shoes i'm kind of a JEFFREY CAMPBELL girl so when those two things come togethere it is more than for sure that i'm head over heels (haha you haven't seen that one coming am i right) about it.

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lucid heel boot by subcouture (14$)

remember those? yeah i know its more than late to talk about them since their are no longer avalibale but i thought maybe some of you own them already and kind of forgot a bit about them … a lame excuse but hey cut me some slack here please.

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even though i really like those shoes i think they are not as easy to wear as they as easy to fall in love with. heavy looking shoes like that always are the center of attention and if you pair them with an embroidered dress or a colorful printed shirt it could be just to much for the eyes of others. i would say the best way to wear these is to keep it simple and elgeant. 

i think SD got its inspiration for the subcouture lucid heels from those two jeffrey campbell LITAS. i'm kind of glad they left out the plastic crystals. i like crystals but only the real ones and i think with all that glitter on thoese shoes it would have been even more difficult to find the right outfit to wear them with. 

this was a short one but maybe i could complet my mission of reminding you about this lovely pair of shoes which maybe got lost inside your medolls pile of clothes and you're now excited to try some new fancy looking outfits with them. 

so long



some of you may remember this post and as i had so much fun making it i decided i will do another one like this for the newest RESORT season. but instead of three looks per collection i only chosen one (was a bit less time consuming ... yeah lazy me). so prepair yourself for my most favourite looks from this years resort collections

attention this is a super long real life fashion post so if you are here for some smart SD fashion releated posts feel free to scip this one.  

don't get me wrong i really like fashion week and haute couture but what makes the resort collections so convenient for this blog is the fact that their always presented in a more photo friendly way, means a ready to wear collection should be watched on youtube (video) or if you're lucky enough live in paris, new york or miland but a resort collection is mostly presented in a editorial kind of style. i hope this makes sence to you somehow. however lets stop explaining and start looking at the beautiful clothes i want to show you guys are you ready?



























yes only one look per collection but instead i increased the number of different lables, those are almost all of my favourite fashion houses (a few are missing because not every lable presents a resort collection) and i left out the big names to give you some examples you may not have already seen somewhere else. like i explained on my last resort post non of these clothes are avalible in a SD version and most likely they will never be (because SD seems to ignore resort collections most of the time) but they can still be used as a sort of inspiration. i for one are delighted by the color combinations and the way the looks are styled and will try to transform those ideas into my medolls style. that keeps my mind open and prevents me from using the same items over and over again.

the above photos are just a small range of the new resort collections. if you interested feel free to look HERE for more wonderful fashion and lots of inspiration. 

so long 

Why I Love Dior

tribute season has long started (actually the first stores have already been closed again) thats why i thought i took this last chance to write about this years summer tribute stores and to make it a bit more interesting i made it more into a little love letter to a certain fashion house than review of SDs DIOR tribute store.

Dior is a fashion house which not only created a look of the past but still belongs to the most important fashion houses in the world. its name stands for elgeant quality and pure feminin beauty. CHRISTIAN DIOR took the scene by storm because he understood that it was time to change how women where dressing. he had his breaktrough in the late 1940s a time which still smelled like war.  he had the guts to take a step in a new direction, and demonstrated his believe in a bright future. he was the creator of the "new look" which means that he concentrated on a new shape for womanswear creating a so called sandclock silhouette. 


now that i told you a bit about the house of dior you already know some of the reasons why i love it.
another reason is RAF SIMIONS a belgian fashion designer who took the lead after JOHN GALLIANO left (because of this really ugly incident). raf simions, who before he came to dior did wonderful things at JIL SANDER lead dior into a different kind of direction than galliano did. he moved away from the dreamy fantasy world and placed diors style in a more sophisticated modern-art-world. another big change for the lable but just as christian diors bravery so many years ago lead to a deserved succsess so did the decision to choose simions as a new creativ director.

a look from diors spring haute couture 2010
by john galliano

and here is a look from diors spring haute couture 2014/15
by raf simions

but now on to the SD version of dior. SD oriented its tribute collection at diors 2014 spring haute couture collection. a collection mostly dominated by black and white, light and slightly see through fabrics. a style SD followed with their digital version of the collection. however the only real crtitc i have is how SD handled the few colors that did come up in the original collection. simions used some mint and pastel tones to underline the lightness of his gowns. colors that reminded you of fresh air, clouds and wide skies. SD decided to use … pink … yeah pink! this color issue is so old and i have complained about it so many times i'm just sick of it. so i decided to just ignore those pink nightmares and concentrate on the other items. 
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those are the things i decided would be a great addition to my medolls wardrobe. i really liked the white dresses looking like floating clouds and even though they are inspired by a haute couture collection i still think they are extremly wearable. 

dior is timeless, elegant, modern and sophisticated fashion and thats what makes the lable so important for the fashion scene and since raf simions has taken over dior also made his way back into my heart, his clean yet playfull way of shaping the present impression of a traditional fahsion house just makes him a more than talented fashion designer and is the reason why … i love dior.

so long 


Mcqueen Inspired Hairstyle (UPDATE)

a few weeks ago, SD launched a new collection of TRESS UP and one hairstyle really cought my eye right from the start.

it is a strict but yet relaxed kind of hairstyle. the only bad thing about it is when you combine it with the wrong look it can make your doll look like a 15 year old girl. but besides this it's just a dreamy lovely hair cut which i love.

recently i had time to look through the latest resort collections of this season and while i drifted from one perfect collection to another i also took a look at the ALEXANDER MCQUEEN resort 2015 collection (of course).

can you see it? yeah this hairstyle mcqueen is showing looks an awful lot like the SD hairstyle. of course this is just a happy little coincidence but i really smiled when i realised the simularity and i thought that i share my joy with you guys (hihi). sadly the SD hairstyle is no longer avalible in the plaza but if you missed out on it and really want to have it i think it is not that hard to recreate it with stardesign hair.  


two of my wonderful readers have informed me that the mantioned hairstyle is still avalible. you can find it at otherworld and not (like i thought) at tress up so there is still an chance for you to get your hands on it.

if you're interested feel free to click on the picture above and take a look at the complete ALEXANDER MCQUEEN resort 2015 collection i promise it is worth a peek. 

so long