LE Americana

new LE. the theme was americana. so we got stars and stripes, jeans and leather. but most important: we got wearable. 

LE is often easy to compare to the phenomenon of haute couture. it's expensive, only a few can afford to buy it and there are only so much pieces of every item but one thing most LE collections (much like haute couture) lack is wearability. of course when it comes to haute couture we can sweep this lack of pieces one can actually wear in an everyday life under the rug as haute couture is considered art and a very respected craft but LE most definitly is not. so that's why i prefer a down to earth LE collection (like this one) over any kind of tacky fairytale LE collection. some of you may disagree and i can understand that but this is just my humble opinion. however this new LE collection shows some remarkable pieces which will be neglected by the genral public like those wonderful crushed velvet slides inspired by marc jacobs, because pieces like those slides may be to close to the clothes everbody can buy outside of stardoll. on the other hand we can find effortless and beautiful pieces which got sold out within minutes of the collections release (like the americana platformers). all in all i think we got a decent LE collection. of course it was a bit mean to release a new LE collection right after re-releasing the first ever LE collection a few days earlier but hey stardoll needs to make money somehow don't they …

so here is what i got. in case you're courious.



these are the items i got from the LE americana collection and as you can see evey one them fits very good into my medolls wordobe. thanks to the elegant and simple designs of those pieces it's not so difficult integrate into the look of my medoll which is another reason why i like wearable items much more than overwhelming and huge garments.

so long



Strike A Pose Or Why It Sometimes Matters To Be Faster Than Light

strike a pose (or SAP) is a huge think on stardoll, that much i know. yesterday the store opend its doors for another collection full of posed clothes or however you want to call them. in the outside world posing is nothing special. we move we pose. easy peasy. but for a doll in dollywood this kind of freedom is a huge deal. which makes SAP collection very popular. infact there are so popualr i managed to miss out on every single one so far. but not this time i thought. this SAP round was mine. i had friday off meaning all day to hang infront of my laptop waiting for the collection to be released. i know this kind of routine from LE and i have to admit i really like watching the madness which is always taking place in the comments of underneath stardoll. girls talking about not sleeping for hours so they wouldn't miss out on the collection. just pure comedy gold i tell you. but then everything went from sleepy to speedy. the collection came out and everybody rushed to the plaza to get their favourite items. as did i. and this is what i got.

so as you can see i didn't get much. even tought i really rushed i still got a sold out notification on most of the items i smashed into my check out. the reason for that wasn't me being too slow i know that in times like these you have to act fast. the reason was a simple factor the stardoll staff had somewhat forgot about. the factor that most of dollywoods population is female and *drumroll* white. most dolls are white or have a light skintone. nothing wrong about that. wrong was only the fact that this SAP collection was avaliable in different skintones and of course the first one (within seconds after the store opened) to go was the light skintone. which left me and a bunch of others i asume empty handed.

as frustratiting as this expirience was stardoll managed to correct their mistake by restocking all the light skintone items of yesterdays SAP release to restore fairness and keep their customers happy.

so long