The Times They Are A-Changing

some of you may still remember those early days when sd released the jewellery design studio. looking back i think this was the time when dollywood took a new turn, for the good or the bad is a question everybody has to answer for themselfs. in my life outside of sd i'm not really cool around change, i like it when things stay the way they are but at the same time i absolutly know that change is something nobody can escape from. so not even our sd community can stay the way it where when first opening its doors in 2007.

stardoll 2007

 stardoll 2014

looking at the above pictures i'm somewhat glad about the change sd has going through these past ... wow almost 8 years! 

however while the side has changed the medolls have changed so much too. which leads me back to the above mentioned jewellery design studio. the creative members took this new tool sd gave them and used it for something entirely different. 

here we can see some wigs created with the feathers which where part of the jewellery design studio. feathers which where suppused to be used as charms for earrings and or necklaces suddenly became hairstyles. the sd community always tried to get a wider range of haistyles but sd never fullfilled those whishes pushing their creative users to find another way to make those hairstyles available.

now they seem really … not very pretty. but thats just because today we have the actual hair styling studio. something sd only created because they must have saw their users need for it after seeing all those creative wigs created with feathers.

so after months of creating and buying the craziest jewellery wigs the sd world got gifted with the hairstyling studio, which lead to a split inside the sd community. on one side we have dolls who stick to the hairstyles sdprovided them with (beautyparlor and tress up) and use dot make up to create a unique face for their doll. the other side not only uses the new wig tool to create their very own hairstyles (some really nice looking and realistic and some kind of freaky looking).

 sorigugu in one of her wonderful wig creations

 wig by xxxlachellexxx and xxxlachellexxx herself

xxxlachellexxx and sorigugu are two members makeing wonderful, sophisticated and advanced wigs proofing that sd did the absolut right thing by integrating the hairstyling studio into the stardoll experience. at this point i thought about showing you some funny examples the hairstyling studio brought us but then i thought i might hurt some people by posting pictures of their dolls on my blog and talk down their personal style but i think every one of my readers has stumbled upon those "scenekids" who hangout around dollywoods more darker places and had to smirk just a little bit about their very individual way of using the hair styling studio.

besides wigs sd users got creative again and also crafted another accessory to make their dolls even more unique. introducing the face masks.


this face mask was done by the more then talented and very creative _tombstone_ who sadly seems to have retired from the craft of making those wonderful masks. masks that besides make your medolls face look more firm can also be tricky because you can really over do it and make your doll look like someone who's suffering from a nipping and tucking gone wrong.


creating a unique and somewhat realistic looking doll faces, also seems to include your dolls lips. so no worries those are being created too. it seems as long as you have the talent and patience there is nothing you can't create for your doll. all those things changed the way our dolls look. some may stick to the more traditionl ways but even those changed.


a change even i have to admit was a good thing. it gives the dolls a softer look, the only bad thing about it is that those new noses and lips (and so on) are mostly for superstar members, i know those people paying real money to sd and therefor should get some privileges but face attributions shouldn't be one of them. 

from kind of quirky looking feather wigs to realistically done wigs, face and lip masks and stardoll designing new mouths, lips and even eyes i saw myself facing a wall of change i couldn't escape from any longer. having all those new ways to make your doll look more lifelike made me uncomfortable, my doll is my doll and she doesn't have too look like a human being. so when i finally decided to gave my doll the "update" i did it because of the stardoll from 2007 and the stardoll today (one website and another website at the same time) and promised myself to keep it medoll like which means not to over do it with the masks and search for wigs that are done with care and love (sounds cheesy i know).


 A_Horror 2.0

she looks so different but maybe thats just me. i like them both and i can't really say if this change is final. for those who are curious this is what i changed: mouth, nose, eyes. the eyes i changed a while ago so thats why there is no difference between the eyes of a_horror and a_horror 2.0 .

however i searched some hours to find the right wig, i wanted one who looked nice and i can't really discribe what kind of nice i mean here but i found a nice one (haha) at the bazaar of sorigugu, and then i searched for masks and found one too (sadly i forgot where i bought it ... sorry). one that was plain and not too much. now my doll still looks like herself but also completely different which at the end of the day was my plan all along. so misson accomplished. 

i wrote this post not only for you but also a tiny bit for myself because when i looked at my kind of new doll i wanted to remember the old one as well and suddenly wanted to sum up all thoses changes that are going on in dollywood these days. maybe you kind of see those changes too and maybe you also are kind of not clear on this whole wigs and masks thing (or you simply don't care at all) let me tell you that it's always good take a step back and think about what is it you like about your old self or your old medoll and than try to figure out who to keep those good old things alive without suffocating the new good things and that is something that goes for your stardoll world just as much as your outside world.  after all those talk about change and medoll transformation you may could shape your own opinion about it or you had a clear stand about it from the beginning ether way feel free add your thoughts to this post by leaving a comment in my medolls guestbook or don't it's your decision.

(couldn't resist posting this here … this song is way to good to be associated with stardoll 
but on the other hand who cares anyway)

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The Family Keeps Growing

after just recently adding thestylishstardollsisters to our partners, another proud blog owner came up to me and asked for support. which means i'm again really happy to introduce my beloved readers to another partner in crime. 


of course i recommend you to click on the logo above and visit our new nymph/attire family member to get to know this blog and absorb all its fashion inspiration. 

behind soulofstardoll is the wonderful soulgina who besides being a busy blogger always trying to find the best looking dolls in dollywood and showing people her dolls own inspirational style, also designs some fierce looking sd fashion.


make sure to pay soulofstardoll and soulginas suit a visit, finding a new inspirational sd blog is always something nice and nice things are simply something you never can have enough of.

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To Buy Or ... Don't Buy It!

this is a rant and if you don't like those kind of posts feel free to skip this one. 

just a few seconds ago i stumbled upon this little post published by one of our community's more dedicated blogs (dedicated as in posting regularly and always ahead of the current SD events) and normaly i live by the premiss of post and let post, meaning i don't comment on other peoples post but this time i thought why not offer my readers a different postion on this subjects matter and also give you a piece of my mind.

and this is what all the fuzz is about

picture taken from thestardolllookbook.blogspot.de

a piece of this months SD hotbuys. the hotbuys posed fall look and whether to buy or not to buy it. the author of the post i'm referring to suggests to buy it as it is a cool thing getting a posed look which wasn't part of the strike a pose collection. besides the price which is shockingly high (68sd) she writes it's a nice piece which fits very well in the upcomin cold seasons.

and now i want to tell you why you shouldn't buy it. this is an unnessecarry thing to do you may say but as i have seen so many people wearing this garment i just wanted to offer a different approach on this topic. 

first of all we have the price. 68sd is simply to high and as hotbuys kind of lost their magic you won't be abel to resell it for a much higher price. this may only concern resellers (like me) but who knows someday you may don't like it as much anymore and want to get rid of it.
the next problemis the biggest in my eyes, this look only really works when you have the right pair of pants! can't be that hard you may think but it is. i've seen so many dollies who failed at that. and remeber you payed 68 sd for this so shouldn't it be a lot easier to create a good looking outfit with it. i for one would have preferd to buy the coat sepretly, in an normal sd pose. but by selling this as a "complete" look SD can make much more money from it. 
another thing which kind of bothers me about this whole posed looks thing is the fact that it kind of kills your creativity. you get this almost finished look and it's somwhat hard to make it part of your style and on top of it you have to pay much more for it than you would have payed by buying a coat (which can cost between 12 and 30 sd) and a cropped sweater ( between 12 and 20 sd) sepretly. 
it's the newley blossomed desire of making your doll look as realistical as possible (which i could say so much more about but won't as this is a story for another post) which makes pieces like this so popular. a popularity which i can't really support.

before  i will close this post let me say one last thing, i am totally fine with people buying this coat and i think everybody should have the right to their own opinion, i just wanted to express my true feelings about this matter. so if you bought the coat don't be mad at me for not buying it or suggesting to not buy it. i like to help my readers with their style and give them inspiration for good looking and well created looks and i simply don't think you can achive any of this with this coat but if you want to proof me wrong just let me know about it in my medolls GB.

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A New Blog in Town

so we got a new media parnter and i'm super excited about that. after some time of no new arrivels (and some losses) the wonderful MIRDITH and her sister JUDITH_25 just opened a new SD themed blog called  THE STYLISH STARDOLL SISTERS and they asked my if i wanted to partner up with them and as i'm always glad to welcome new members into my little community you can now find their blog in my partners in crime section.


they pormise new posts daily and are on a mission to find original styles and looks around dollywood plus showing you what marvelous things you can do with SD fashion using your creativity and imagination. however besides SD fashion they're also (much like this blog) focusing on real life inspirational fashion.

i think it's save to say that this new blog is worth checking out and see what kind of helpful tips and advices you may will find there in the future. so make sure to pay those two a visit.

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The New Marc by Marc Girl

what does this titel even mean. it means i'm confessing. yeah i'm confessing to you. i'm confessing my new found obsession for the brilliant new designer duo behind MARC BY MARC JACOBS or MBMJ. they landed on the fashion scene last season with a bang. i rarely watch a fashion show twice but this wonderful body of work was to good to be watched only once. i needed to see the clothes in motion and than there were this great music in the backround taken from the alice in wonderland soundtrack. i was so blessed while watching this so i force you to watch it too.

so i hope you are as thrilled as i was, when first watching this. you may want to know why i like this collection so much and i will give you an answer as short as possible. this collection is power, it is energy, it is elegance and brutal at the same time. it shows all the wonderfull things fashion is about and there for is one of my all time favourites already.

you may already guessed it but the sole reason i showed this collection to you is because i have found bits and pieces of it at the plaza and if you happen to like the above shown video you may want to buy some of the pieces from the new ORGINIAL FUTURE collection which arrived at the plaza just a few days ago.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

those are the MBMJ inspired clothes i decided to buy from the new ORIGINAL FUTURE collection. there where some more items but i wasn't really cool with the way SD recreated those. i can see myself using the plattform runners alot, they just look fierce and edgy and also follow the normcore trend which seems to have infected the complete street style fashion scene. also the plattform runners happen to be a starcoin item (aswell as the buffalo inspired sneakers) so that is even more of a reason to buy them.  furthermore i was absolutly happy SD did they own version of the "twisted uprising" dress (see picture below). the original MBMJ dress was one of the best looks from this already perfect collection. 

and the shoes

the proof that luella bartley and katie hillier where more than qualified to lead MBMJ into a new era, was shown at this years fall rtw season when the two presented yet another wonderful new MBMJ collection and left me speechless once more and as i did before i also strongly recommend you to check this collection out aswell.  

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Chanels Dreamy Glitter Eyes

make up and stardoll isn't really my topic, i mean i do try to use make up on my medolls face but it's more a basic kind of thing. but recently SPLENDID got some new shiny pretty things which i just had to show to you guys.

this beauty look from chanels spring 2014 haute couture show didn't just did a good job on the runway but was extremly popular on the internet too. i've seen some instagram and youtube beauty gurus who did tutorials on how to recreate this sparkling look. why not?! this is a make up which fits perfectly for a girls night out, new year's eve or any other special night which involves drinking and dancing and having an awsome time. 



so if everybody is crazy for this look we could take it as a sign to transform it into a SD version. and we're lucky because just recently SD released the key essence of this chanel look, aka the glitter eyeline at their eyewear/accessories/jewlery store SPLENDID. 

as you can see i used splendid's new "glitter eye" item, and placed it the way i thought looked most natural, which was surprisingly difficult. when it comes to eyeshadow try to use earthy nude tones to give your medolls eyes more depth and an almost humanlike look. other than the glitter the chanel look is pretty modest so i decided to do the same, nude lips no blush (or if you want to just a hint of it) and some eyeliner.

these are the products i used to create the look, i don't know if you can still find all of the make up but you always find stuff that is almost the same so no worries. the most important things are the splendid "glitter eye" pieces, each costs 8 stardollars (makes 16 unless your medoll just has one eye) which kind of makes them expensive but when you really like the chanel look or chanel as brand you can create a neat make up tribute look with those glitter eyes and that is kind of cool, though if it is cool enough for you to spend 16 sd on it is your decision to make.

i hope you liked this small rushed post and maybe you can't wait to try this look so i won't keep you any longer just one thing before i sign off, if you want to make those glitter eyes really work make sure to check the chanels spring 2014 haute couture show so you can really breathe in the inspiration (and listen to sébastien telliers wonderful live performance) and make your doll a bit more chanel, wouldn't hurt would it?

so long