Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceromony

at the new march hotbuys. i have to say that SD hotbuys have turnet into overpriced nightmares ok most of them have. usual i don't like all this "the old stardoll was way better" talk, buhu ... please your grandparents talk like this and development is important, if a webside like SD won't develope i think it would have to close its doors forever, hotbuys seem to be the loser of this development and i don't mean the plastice like graphic, i mean the horrible choose of color and shape and on top of it we have the prices, for example the popular hotbuys vest which i bought for 7 sd and now ... for a simple hotbuys tank i bought one or two months ago, you have to pay 16 sd ?

but thats not really what i wanted to write about, i just checked the new march hotbuys and i have to say you shuld save some money for those upcoming pieces.

and as the titel of this post already reveals, some of the new hotbuys are based on the newest Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, collection which is a huge success some pieces of the collection were sold out just a few days after the release. and now you can get some pieces for your virtual wardrobe!

here are the real life versions

the white collar blouse which will be avalibel at 19.3 

the skirt (avalible at the 13.3) and also the shirt (avalible at the 5.3)

i really like CHLOE SEVIGNEY'S work for opening ceremony and its nice to see that stardoll pays attention to it too after the disappointing feburary hotbuys i'm really looking forward to get my hands on this rad garments.

there is on piece left i wanted to show you, some time ago i already did a post in which i mentioned the great work of jewlery designer PAMELA LOVE  her jewlery is a bit different but i think different is nothing bad and it seems as if sd got inspired buy mrs. love again for this months hotbuys necklace

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Creative User

on stardoll have become something rare, the best example for this sad development is the current miss stardoll world, she looks just like the last miss stardoll world. it seems like her doll has nothing personal just a empty virtual thing designed to be liked by 12 year old girls, but the critically endangered spiecies of the character doll, a doll in which you can see the personality of the creator seems to die out more and more. you may think now "she is taking this hole thing to serious", no i am not i just think its nice and more fun to visit a suit full of creativity and not a barbie nightmare after i would love to rip my eyes out of my head.  one of these special user is GOLDCHARLOTTE, i would say you may can call her style inspired by goth but to be 100% sure you should ask herself. as i visited her i decided to take a look at her album and i was more than suprised (in a clearly postivie way) but before i go on here are some screenshots of her work. 


as you can see her work is dominated by the colors black, white grey and red. she focuses on the conflict between heaven and hell which is a really an interesting topic for a stardollalbum (in which most useres only post some boring photos), for some of you it may turns out to be a bit too morbid but for me it was just exciting to scroll through the pictures goldcharlotte created. to get the best impression of her work you should really visit her suit and take a complete look through her album

thats it for today i hope i could show you a different side of SD and you may want to refresh you album now and try to be a bit different.

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Fierce Pink Shades

have arrived at starplaza, but lets forget about the name (infact the shades are red and not pink ...) the fashion vicitims among my readers may already know what kind of real-life version is hiding under the pixel stardoll version ... but for those who prefer to spend their time not checking on style.com every day and buying vogue every month, don't worry i will tell you or wait no ... i will show you:

her we have the sd version (42$c)

here we have the original version

and do you recognize it ... yes these are the super rad MIU MIU (fall/winter2011) shades worn by the even more rad SKY FERREIRA (who you can also dress up in the dress up doll section of stardoll).

though the SD graphic sucks a bit we can still see the obvious similarities between the virtual and the miu miu shades. i bought the sd ones instantly (the miu miu glasses are way too expnesive for me...) and i can totally recommend them to you all, you can combine them with almost every style, either (like sky did) in a more punk and rock n roll way or in a more 50's elegance way as seen on the miu miu runway.

ok sorry for posting a shorty once again but i'm just not in the mood for long post. 

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i took a closer look at the new decades shop, you know SD redecorates its old housbrands like evil panda and so on and releases a bunch of new clothes for the shops and among those new decades things i also found the shades and some other things based on the MIU MIU fall/winter ready to wear 2011 collection, thus i thoguht to show you some real life versions of these clothes. 

here we have the faux fur cumberbun (53$c), teatime dress (14$)

 and here the golden birds dress (17$)

 i think SD did a great job, of course the original miu miu collection is amazing and left me speechless after watching the catwalk show but esspacialy the second dress with the golden birds on it is really well done choosing white instead of black and to cut the the skirt a bit so our medolls can show a bit more of their marvouls legs. decades is a perfect shop to release these miu miu inspired clothes as the real collection is influnced by the 40s.

oh and the shoes the white dolls are wearing are FOR SALE, the price is more than fair i think so if you collect hotbuys or things inspired by miu miu stop by my suit and get them.

for those who are interested here is a video of the full miu miu fall/winter ready to wear 2011 runwayshow. 


Don't Blame Me

for lack of posts it's not my fault... stardoll is just lame and boring like a retirement home, and even these old people may have more fun than we have at dollywood right now, the random gossip is not really thrilling and never will be, and it seems like SD try to break a new record of releasing-as-much-ugly-clothes-as-possible-in short-period-of-time ... but i should stop the badmouth talk. to not collapse completely into silently boredom i looked through my virtual wardrobe to see if i can find something that is still in the starplaza and could be interesting for my special readers and guess what i found something, yeay! 

evil panda sky high sweater (11$)

yes yes i know 11$ is a bit pricey but i really like this sweater. it was part of all the new evil panda clothes SD realeased because of the redecorating of the store. as all the other clothes at SD this sweater is also inspired by special brand. BOY LONDON ... a brand based in great britain, established during the first big punk wave, the london boy shirts are now part of the underground subculture. here is the real life version

and i must say SD did a good job, they don't turn it into a pink nightmare (like they did with many other clothes) instead they stayed pretty close to the original sweater only the shape is a different one but i can totally live with this. for those who like to own a original LONDON BOY shirts, the clothes are really affordable, i couldn't resist and order this wonderful tank top:


ok thats it for now i hope i could inspire you a bit and maybe  could motivate you to buy the sweater (if you not already owned it) and if you still think 11$ is to expensive, which i can understand, i would wait till it is on sale ... but it's definitely one of the best items you can buy at the starplaza right now.

stay edgy