Don't Blame Me

for lack of posts it's not my fault... stardoll is just lame and boring like a retirement home, and even these old people may have more fun than we have at dollywood right now, the random gossip is not really thrilling and never will be, and it seems like SD try to break a new record of releasing-as-much-ugly-clothes-as-possible-in short-period-of-time ... but i should stop the badmouth talk. to not collapse completely into silently boredom i looked through my virtual wardrobe to see if i can find something that is still in the starplaza and could be interesting for my special readers and guess what i found something, yeay! 

evil panda sky high sweater (11$)

yes yes i know 11$ is a bit pricey but i really like this sweater. it was part of all the new evil panda clothes SD realeased because of the redecorating of the store. as all the other clothes at SD this sweater is also inspired by special brand. BOY LONDON ... a brand based in great britain, established during the first big punk wave, the london boy shirts are now part of the underground subculture. here is the real life version

and i must say SD did a good job, they don't turn it into a pink nightmare (like they did with many other clothes) instead they stayed pretty close to the original sweater only the shape is a different one but i can totally live with this. for those who like to own a original LONDON BOY shirts, the clothes are really affordable, i couldn't resist and order this wonderful tank top:


ok thats it for now i hope i could inspire you a bit and maybe  could motivate you to buy the sweater (if you not already owned it) and if you still think 11$ is to expensive, which i can understand, i would wait till it is on sale ... but it's definitely one of the best items you can buy at the starplaza right now.

stay edgy