Shame On You

big time, really. i was shocked as i logged in today and want to do the daily poll to get some $c, as always the question wasn't really creative:

a easy peasy question you may think now but look at the sad sad results (i felt vicarious embarrassment):

HELLO! i mean i thought stardoll is all about fame, fashion and friends. focusing on the fashion who doesn't know that KARL fucking LAGERFELD is the head designer of fucking chanel (excuse my french) i mean this is basic knowledge even if you are not really into fashion and art. for your information the head designer of YSL at the moment is STEFANO PILATI (because Yves Saint Laurent died 1.6 2008) and dior hasn't a new head designer since JOHN GALLIANO was fired last year. considering this lack of information around the stardoll user the next think SD could offer at starplaza is this bag.

for all those who wonder who the old guy with the sunglass and the white hair is ... that is karl lagerfeld ... tz tz tz

stay edgy