Versace Inspired


As i said in the last post, looking at the new LE collection as a whole there is nothing left to say but "iiiiuh". however as you're going to see below i bought not just a few pieces which would be normal concidering the "iiiuh" conclusion. so the question i asked myself was why am i buying that much if everybody hates this collection (and ignore the possibilty that i totally lost my taste and style). my  answer to this is: i think SD did a really bad job in presenting this collection. the way the clothes are combined and presented at the models is a very unfortunate mixture so if you really wanne see how a single piece of this collection works you should put it on your medoll,  look carefully at it and think about what kind of clothes from you medolls wardrobe would fit nicely to this particular LE garment.
before i go on here is what bought.








as you can see i bought alot (shame on me) and i would call all those items extreamly wearable and also easy to combine with most of the clothes from my medolls wardrobe. that's why i don't really understand all this negative response. i have to admit putting the LE logo right infront of a beautiful dress isn't the best thing to do and most of the shoes are very ugly (unless you're going for a prostitute look ...) but on the other hand we have lots of nice jewelry and the graphics are getting better with every collection, espacialy the pleather items which are actually looking like pleather and not like sprayed plastic or rubber.
i think it's nearly impossible for SD to come up with a LE collection everybody likes. so i wouldn't say this one is worse than the one before but it's not better ether. the only thing which really annoyed me was the short period of time between this collection and the last one. LE isn't longer LE if SD releases a new collection every two months.


comparing to the last LE collection finding out from which real life fashion this collection was inspired was rather easy. SD turned to a very common and large fashion house: VERSACE. this years spring/summer ready to wear collection was used as a blueprint for the newest SD LE collection. i'm not a very big VERSACE fan myself but i can't deny DONATELLA's brilliancy. if you're interested feel free to check out all the real life versions of the things i bought down below. 



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LE (again ...)

so if you're the kind of SD-memeber checking USD on a daily bases i'm pretty sure you already knew that there is a new LE collection on the way, even the OFFICIAL STARDOLL BLOG (which is now being update more than ever before!) posted a sneek peak of the new LE logo. however we're not really suprised but i think that's a good thing because knowing LE is coming gives us the oppertunity to top up on cash and sell one or two things on the bazaar  preparing for the high costs coming with a new LE collection. 

i will be on vacation till the end of this week (23.6.2013) that means i won't be able to post my review for this collection till next monday, so if you're interested in my opinion regarding this new collection make sure to check this blog again next monday or tuesday but i won't leave you without a little statement.
looking at this collection all together i have to say it's really ugly but than i took a closer look on every piece by its own, putting it on my medoll and thought about how to combine it and after doing this i have to say this collection has some really nice and really wearable things that shouldn't be overlooked. ok that's it the rest is coming next week.

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Resort 2014

attention this is a super long real life fashion post so if you are here for some smart SD fashion releated posts feel free to scip this one.

SD isn't giving me much to write about these days and to be honest i'm still working on the second part of the breakfast club post but the last post on this blog is starting to grow a beard and smell wierd (you know like a old hobo) so i decided to give you something fresh and new. so i though i take the chance to show you my most favourite resort collections. i mean someday some of these clothes may will appear at the plaza so we're not completly of topic here. 

before we start our little fashion journey let me tell you something. if you click on the subtitles (below the lable names) the hidden link will take you to music which (in my head) fits nicely to the collections. (for all the lazy ones i posted the complete playlist down below)
























and we're done! yes those are my personal winners of the 2014 resort collections. you may miss the big names like CHANEL, VERSACE, DIOR etc but i only wanted to show you my absolute favourites otherwise this post would have turned into a never ending story. after browsing through those new resort collections i got the feeling the late 60s and early 70s played a major inspirational role for the designers this year. if you got interested feel free to look through all the new reosrt collections HERE.

maybe this post wasn't really about SD fashion but i'm sure it will inspire you and help you to create new unique doll-looks. i know none of the above clothes are avaliable at the plaza but there're some similar pieces which will have the same effect. i hope the next post will be more SDish again. make sure to visit the links.

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