Merry Motherfucking Christmas

the title says it all. we (which actually only means me and CC) from the nymph attire team would like to thank our readers for ... yeah reading this blog. i hope i could reach some dollies in the last months and they had fun while clicking through my little style diary and of course i hope you will also visit this blog next year it was a bless creating it and while posting i learned alot about SD and the things behind it.  

merry christmas and a happy new year from A_Horror, CC and ... my humble self

now some bad news. nymph attire will close its virtual doors ... but only for a few weeks, the whole team needs some time off. we will be back at the 15.01.2012 with a really special end-of-year-2011 review focusing on the past SD year. so be excited and don't party too much on the new years eve ... who am i kidding rock your ass off i will do it !

stay edgy (in 2012)


The New Girl

on our blog isn't actually human girl, it is a little dog! i thought a blog mascout could be kind of fun so my medoll went straight to the staplaza pet store and bought a l little puppy which now will be part of our little adventure through the stardoll fashion universe. please welcome :

 Cruella Cucumber aka CC 
i haven't really thought about what her area of responsibility will be but i will of course inform you about as soon as i have an idea. talking about cc the chanle tribute is no longer avalible at the starplaza and i hope you guys get what you want. ok i know i was a lazy blogger these last days but i have to work a lot on my portfolio for university and i haven't the time a need to prepare good posts. do not be mad at me it will get better after the holidays i promise.
stay edgy



The Alpine Chalet

remember this mysterious message:

the mystery is solved. the alpin chalet is now avalible at the suit shop, for all those who still have left some money. 

i personally will NOT buy this useless piece of christmas shit (excuse my french). i need to pull myself together as have i spend many $ at LE and i'm sure the not so pretty DVF tribute won't be the last tribute store opening its doors for us. but if you get a glimmer in your eyes when the snow starts falling and and the air smells like cookie dough for you go ahead. 

here we have JUNONUNO standing in her very own chalet. it's decorated really nice check out her suit (but rember never copie be inspired or ask if you like something). as we see here for those who like to decorate their suit its a nice (but still a really expensive) offer but i'm not one of those. i have what i call a six room creativity when it comes to decorating means after six rooms my creativtiy is empty and my storage too. sorry if i sound a bit unhappy and disillusioned but i'm just not a big christmas fan ... call me a grinch if you want. 

stay edgy 



Searching for Rare Pieces

is one of the most difficult and annoying things you can do on SD. but we all do it. my last search has finally come to an end because last night i found the Elizabeth and James Relaxed James Blazer! if you visit my suit regularly you may have stumbled over my desperate cry for help finding this rare garment. after nearly one month of searching i had given up and as i visited the starbazaar yesterday (big thank you to my insomnia again !)  searching for some st. trinians stuff ... puff there it was as if it has waited only for me. 

 me and my new best friend haha. call me mental i don't care.

everybody who is collecting something knows this feeling when you finally found what you've been searching for. that's why a real SD collector knows the six steps of searching for rare pieces.

you start with full power and you're sure you will find the things fast because "it can't be that hard." but this does not happen really often. so the hard work starts. you search at the bazaar which is horrible because the search option is the worst. you can't search for every brand you like. you can't search e.g. for  black dresses. you only can search for black clothes in general or for dresses, i mean this is so fucking useless! so you stop searching at the bazaar and look via broadcast and uh you find somebody (after hundrets of covergirl broadcasts) who is selling what you want but your offer will be ignored and sombeody else get the piece. totally despair you stop your searching and after some time you accept that you will never find it and than you finally discover it. this process can last a few hours, days or months. all this searching could be alot easier if only the starbazaar wouldn't be such a mess. is it this hard to develope a search system one can actually use? that was just something i need to get off my heart ...

stay edgy 



i have no time to write a long poetic post about the fact that the NEW LE IS OUT, just ruuun and get you piece of the cake if you know what i mean. same place as always ... good luck.


up date about what i bought is coming soon.


ok now that i am calm again (LE always makes me hysterical) i can keep my promise showing you what i have bought and some real life versions on which the new LE collection is based but before that a little what-do-i-think-about:
i first recognized the prices have risen. last LE collection you could buy a shirt for 55 $, but at the current one you won't find this price for a shirt. but its LE and what can we do about it anyway. the whole concept of this collection is not really my style but i have to say the quality of the graphic is as good as always, speaking of graphic some SD users always complain about the quality of LE clothes. i tooke some pictures too show what a difference is between LE clothes and other special storel like the new chanel tribute. 

on the left side we have the red quilted chain bag by the new chanel holiday tribute and on the the right side we have faux fur bucket bag by LE. as you can see the LE graphics are way better. realistic details and no pixel shit as we have on the left but this qulity has its pirce of course. when you buy a H&M bag you won't get the same fabrics as you get buying a marc jacobs bag. 

but enough with the ciritcal chitter chatter lets see on what i could get my hands on hehe!  

i didn't bought much clothes as they are always so expensive, but as i saw this jacket i even ignore its color because of the cut and the look as a whole. i think you can combine it really good with all those different styles we have on SD and as it is nearly sold out after just one hour seems like i am not the only one thinking that! so be fast if you want to have this gorgeous little piece in you wardrobe. the feather shoulderpads are just so rad i could not resist buying them, maybe there not for everyday life of a medoll but don't they look super cool !!! 

i always buy more LE accessories comparing to the clothes they are much cheaper, sadly this LE collection has just a few accessories but i found some i could definitly use. the pale blue chain heels i saw at the spoiler before and could not wait to buy them. they are well desgined and they look really realistic so do the other two pieces i bought, don't know if i will ever use the feather headpiece maybe for a SD christmas outift. all in all i could pull myself together and  didn't spend to much SD.
rember, just because its limited you don't need to spend 5000 $ (yes i read that at the comment section of USD someone really spend 5000 $ insane!) just buy what you like and if you like nothing than ... buy nothing. simple but not always easy. 

at the end of this post i just wanted to say i'm really sad SD had to realease another LE collection but still no new antidote ...



the pale blue shoes maybe are based on this shoe from john gallioano's fall ready to wear 2011 collection.

the feather headpiece is from the same galliano collection the shoes are from

the pink motor jacket is based on this one which was part of mark fast's fall ready to wear collection 2011 many pieces of the newest LE colletion are based on this wondefull collection, check out the runway show at mark fast's webside!

stay edgy



Little Doors

are about to be opened ... yes the time has finally come. snow, cheesy films, candy, gifts, love and more candy ... its christmas time my least favourite time of the year. everybody smiles and forced happiness is what dictates our emotions. i know i shouldn't be so ugly and celebrate and i do because i'm the worlds best liar haha! christmas is here and of course SD hasn't forget about it. the traditional advent calender is now avalible for all SD citizens. 

and here it is. it looks waaaay better than the last one i think. it really looks like the one my parents bought me. BUT SD feels generous this time of the year, we got a second calender, no this time i am not lying i promise!

ha! see a second one and a really special one too. hotbuys calender that means 31 one hotbuys in one month. i'm really excitetd how they will look like. hm seems the boring days of the last month's were i nearly felt asleep after logging into SD are finally over.

stay edgy