Searching for Rare Pieces

is one of the most difficult and annoying things you can do on SD. but we all do it. my last search has finally come to an end because last night i found the Elizabeth and James Relaxed James Blazer! if you visit my suit regularly you may have stumbled over my desperate cry for help finding this rare garment. after nearly one month of searching i had given up and as i visited the starbazaar yesterday (big thank you to my insomnia again !)  searching for some st. trinians stuff ... puff there it was as if it has waited only for me. 

 me and my new best friend haha. call me mental i don't care.

everybody who is collecting something knows this feeling when you finally found what you've been searching for. that's why a real SD collector knows the six steps of searching for rare pieces.

you start with full power and you're sure you will find the things fast because "it can't be that hard." but this does not happen really often. so the hard work starts. you search at the bazaar which is horrible because the search option is the worst. you can't search for every brand you like. you can't search e.g. for  black dresses. you only can search for black clothes in general or for dresses, i mean this is so fucking useless! so you stop searching at the bazaar and look via broadcast and uh you find somebody (after hundrets of covergirl broadcasts) who is selling what you want but your offer will be ignored and sombeody else get the piece. totally despair you stop your searching and after some time you accept that you will never find it and than you finally discover it. this process can last a few hours, days or months. all this searching could be alot easier if only the starbazaar wouldn't be such a mess. is it this hard to develope a search system one can actually use? that was just something i need to get off my heart ...

stay edgy