i have no time to write a long poetic post about the fact that the NEW LE IS OUT, just ruuun and get you piece of the cake if you know what i mean. same place as always ... good luck.


up date about what i bought is coming soon.


ok now that i am calm again (LE always makes me hysterical) i can keep my promise showing you what i have bought and some real life versions on which the new LE collection is based but before that a little what-do-i-think-about:
i first recognized the prices have risen. last LE collection you could buy a shirt for 55 $, but at the current one you won't find this price for a shirt. but its LE and what can we do about it anyway. the whole concept of this collection is not really my style but i have to say the quality of the graphic is as good as always, speaking of graphic some SD users always complain about the quality of LE clothes. i tooke some pictures too show what a difference is between LE clothes and other special storel like the new chanel tribute. 

on the left side we have the red quilted chain bag by the new chanel holiday tribute and on the the right side we have faux fur bucket bag by LE. as you can see the LE graphics are way better. realistic details and no pixel shit as we have on the left but this qulity has its pirce of course. when you buy a H&M bag you won't get the same fabrics as you get buying a marc jacobs bag. 

but enough with the ciritcal chitter chatter lets see on what i could get my hands on hehe!  

i didn't bought much clothes as they are always so expensive, but as i saw this jacket i even ignore its color because of the cut and the look as a whole. i think you can combine it really good with all those different styles we have on SD and as it is nearly sold out after just one hour seems like i am not the only one thinking that! so be fast if you want to have this gorgeous little piece in you wardrobe. the feather shoulderpads are just so rad i could not resist buying them, maybe there not for everyday life of a medoll but don't they look super cool !!! 

i always buy more LE accessories comparing to the clothes they are much cheaper, sadly this LE collection has just a few accessories but i found some i could definitly use. the pale blue chain heels i saw at the spoiler before and could not wait to buy them. they are well desgined and they look really realistic so do the other two pieces i bought, don't know if i will ever use the feather headpiece maybe for a SD christmas outift. all in all i could pull myself together and  didn't spend to much SD.
rember, just because its limited you don't need to spend 5000 $ (yes i read that at the comment section of USD someone really spend 5000 $ insane!) just buy what you like and if you like nothing than ... buy nothing. simple but not always easy. 

at the end of this post i just wanted to say i'm really sad SD had to realease another LE collection but still no new antidote ...



the pale blue shoes maybe are based on this shoe from john gallioano's fall ready to wear 2011 collection.

the feather headpiece is from the same galliano collection the shoes are from

the pink motor jacket is based on this one which was part of mark fast's fall ready to wear collection 2011 many pieces of the newest LE colletion are based on this wondefull collection, check out the runway show at mark fast's webside!

stay edgy