Tabularasa 1#

as you can see this post is the beginning of a new colum or maybe it's just a try, during my holidays i found many small things on SD which i thought could be interesting and instead of posting many small posts i just collect all those tiny pieces and put them together in one big post ... yes i'm so smart it hurts doesn't it. i hope you enjoy it and who knows maybe between all those little pieces you'll find something you have been overlooking.

1. DIY stars

for me stardesign clothes are a complicated topic as they often look ... hm how can i put this nicely ... crappy! but recently i found two dolls who really know how to make a difference in the field of stardesign: 

RedLadyCoolGirl is the second account of a.d.a.1234  another wonderful doll which already has been featured on this blog. on RedLadyCoolGirls account you can purchase the more-than-just-rad banana prints which seems to be inspired by ANDY WARHOLs cover design of the velvet underground and nico record. she always comes along with new color combinations which is a wonderful idea as you can buy lets say 4 banana prints each one in a different kind of color and hang them up togethere in your medolls suit which surley will look fierce! besides those absolut cool prints you can also buy nice looking band shirts (which are absolutly necessary if you wanne achieve a realistic soft grunge look) shirts you wont find at the starplaza. 

degrade has a bunch of soft grunge inspired desgins she puts on sale at her bazaar. they can be combined in a more post-punk-new-york kind of way or in a teenwitch-white-magic kind of way. nevermind which look you prefer you always end up looking edgy and of course different.

so if you want to support some SD original desginer just visit those two talented dolls and buy some of there designs i mean why spend money on horrible and childish looking clothes (as if the upcoming valintines day has permitted SD to kill us all with a huge amount of pink cheesy ugly looking clothes) if you can buy some really nice garments which not only have a deeper meaning but also helps you to stand out of the a shallow looking doll crowd.

2. a question of morals

when i read through my favourite sd blogs i stumbeld uppon a smal post written by sparklewand12 owner of STARDOLLLOOKBOOK. the post was about the well known stardoll magazine version of VOGUE and its creator jelinna. you may read the post first before you continue reading this. just click here.

by now the whole discussen has cooled down but i still think its important to tell you guys about the whole thing. i really like jelinnas work. she is extremly talanted but does that give her the right to take money for an appaerance in one of her magazines? i think it's not fair because modeling schouldn't be about money it should be about beatuy and how unique you're doll is. of course in the real world if you want to be a model you have to pay your agnency so they can take care of you but you can't pay any real and honest agnecy to be a model if you haven't the potential and if they do you probably have been a victim of a shitty agency which never ever will help you to make it.

3. starplaza treasures

i thought it would be a nice idea to present you some wonderful treasures i found at the plaza. sometimes it's not so easy to notice the little things SD is selling in the plaza.


those wonderful heels (just recognized the fact that i failed at the easiest task ... putting on heels on your doll -.- ) can be found in the current RIO collection. i noticed that i often ignore SD shoes (shame on me). i think the reason is that those shoes are often so small that the nice details (like the golden triangles you can see on these beautys) simply can be overlooked. 


this hair accesory which i found at the NELLY.COM shop is actually based on a hairpiece made by RODARTE (which by the way is one of my alltime favourite fashion lables)

here you can see the original RODARTE version of the piece. if you haven't bought it yet now is the time it really is a wonderful item and can be used espacially for teen witch and soft grunge (btw if i write soft grunge one more time i will kick slap myself unconscious) looks.

while i wrote this post alot has happend on SD (new antidote, new PPQ and royalty store) so some more sepcified posts will be uploaded soon (but promise nothing ... ).

stay edgy


Waldeinsamkeit (get the look)

NYMPH/ATTIRE is back. after a few weeks away from blogging i have to say i missed it alot! but the break was just something i needed but now i'm looking forward to post tons of new posts i already have so many ideas and things i want to share with you but enough about my holiday lets dive right into my new get the look post have fun! 

before this post really gets started i think i owe you guys an explanation of the word WALDEINSAMKEIT so you will have a better understanding of what this get the look post is all about. 
the word waldeinsamkeit is a motiv which is used to descirbe the natures purity and raw beauty. it stands for the peace one finds putting their lifes in to the hands of the wild like in middle ages when a monk lived out in the woods just byhimself to overcome the fast life outside of the forest. (gosh i hope you guys understand this it's really not that easy for me to explain it in english but who doesn't love a challenge haha). during the literary age of romantic the term waldeinsamkeit was very popular as it was a perfect expression of the forest as a quiet place without all the negativty of modern socitey where the sensitive poets could just live a simple, modest but joyfull life. therefore waldeinsamkeit is found in a bunch of works which was written during that time and it's also known in the english litrature as for example in RALPH EMERSONS poem waldeinsamkeit

however i choosed this expression for my get the look post as it stands for the nature and being one with the woods. i thought this could be something very pure and velvet and perfect to be interpreted by fashion so we're going to take a hike and were going to look super awsome ... oh and i don't mean this literally just imagine a photoshoot for LULA MAGAZINE and the main theme is being out alone in the woods (aka waldeisamkeit). 

i asume that you already watched this movie (INTO THE WILD) but in case you haven't you should emidiatly stop reading this post and watch it you can continue reading when you're finish. it's the perfect piece of art for this post. another movie which isn't only showing the most wonderful pictures of a majestic forest but also tells the story of a even more wonderful friendship and it is called THE CHILD AND THE FOX . i had such a happy feeling while i watched it and after it the only thing i wanted to do is get out and wander through a forest just like the one the movie takes place in.

Anna de Rijk by Yelena Yemchuk for Lula F/W 2011


  Codie Young by Camille Vivier for Lula F/W 2011

ok you can put the tramping boots back in your medolls wardrobe as you can see from the moodboard and the pictures above i'm going more for the forest fariy, white-magic-witch kind of fashion and there is no need for super survival outfits this time. of course there should be some sweaters and thick coats but we also can use some elegan elie saab like dresses. we wanne be one with nature and nature is beautiful, wild and full of suprises  words which therefore should also be included in the fashion i'm going to show you now.




i consider those above looks as good examples to transform different forest expressions or fantasys into fashion. for a good waldeinsamkeits look you should use natural colors and fabrics just like i did in the "hiker" and "tree" looks. those two looks are dominated by green colors  and i also used suede, jeans and of course cotton those are all natural fabrics which of course fits perfectly into the topic. you can also choose a look which shows all the mystical things hiding underneath the branches and leafs like we heard so often about in all the legends. for a look focusing on those legends, storys and myths it's ok to take a step back from the natural colors but it is important to keep it pale and soft that means less neon colors. beneath i have some more clothes fitting perfectly into a waldeinsamkeits look.

if you have any questions about the clothes shown in the above picture please contact me in my guestbook.

i think everybody is able to create looks like this it's not very complicated unless you have understand the meaning of being out in the wild, being alone and happy because it seems like you're the only persone in the whole wide world. its always the same if you trust a certain feeling and use this as an inspiration for your looks you always going to look awsome.

stay edgy