Basic Needs

if you have a passion for fashion (i apologize for this stupid rhyme) you have this one goal of create your own kind of style, be copyed is the greatest honor is what chanel once said but you cannot be copyed if you're only a simple clone of someone eles ... am i right ?! and to build a concept of your very own style you need some things that seems to be made only for you, with those things you have a strong underground where you can build you house of fashion on ... i hope you get my intention.

A basic thing can be :

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This skirt is the basic item i use mostly when i creat a look, its a investment you can make without the feeling of doing something unnecessary.  below some examples. 3 looks where i use the skirt in 3 different ways:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

this shows how you can combine one piece in many different ways, and how it becomes a part of your personale style, the more unique the piece is your using the closer you get to your own really indiependent kind of style. for this example i use a really easy one ... now get up and open the doors of your wardrobe to see what basics you already use or what could become your own signature feature.




... its me A_Horror. this is a little thing i wanne try out. a blog with a focus on stardoll. i wanne write about fashion which inspires me ... a medoll ... to dress like i'm dressing. there are many sd blogs out there even one for goth people but there is no longer a blog ( since inspired by ... stardoll seems to be forgotten by its owner) which really shows a more indiependent kind of style (accept maybe pinupdolls.blogspot.com a blog you should definitely have an eye on), a more alternative style. i personally really miss a blog  going into this direction. as many great things have happen because people couldn't find what threre looking for and start to create there own i hope this one will be one of these too. otherwise its a great way to save some memories of my fashion evolution.

by the way i'm not a native english speaker so i wanne apologize for bad grammar or wrong written words ... please show some mercy.