The Nymphattire Family

is growing bigger and bigger. finding a new media partner is always special, and it is something i feel i need to share with my readers so i'm proud to present to you the newest memeber of NYMPH ATTIRE's media partners:

CORIOUS STARDOLL CRITICS is a blog which informs you about all the things happening on stardoll. its owner LAVIVAA also loves to share her taste in fashion with her readers, just like me therefore it's only natrual that our two blogs will from now on support each other. long story short just take some of your time and visit her blog and suit i think it's definitly worth it!

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as a regular reader of this blog you may have notice the huge amount of clothes my medoll has (really she is a shopaholic it's unbelievable) and sometimes i think it's time to let some items go, and this time has finally come! i looked through my sellable clothes, furniture and jewelry and picked some rad pieces which are now avalible for you guys to buy and hopefully having fun with them as much as i did. so be fast, take a look and remember one girls trash is another ones treasure! 


To Vote

is very important, if you don't vote you have to deal with the decisions being made and you can't complain about it because you haven't cared about it in first place. on stardoll voting most of the time is focusing only on national- or international covergirl things which may be important but i'm not that hysterical about however right now the newest season of MISS STARDOLL WORLD has started and i think it's something different than the daily NCG or CG race as the winner represents or stardoll community. sadly the last MSW always ended up like those real life beauty-contests, a soulless smiling barbie, who looks just like the last years winner, gets her hands on the crown but lets think outside of the box. it's about time to vote a doll with a bit more personality and a individual look to show the other side of stardoll isn't it? i like to stay behind the scenes so it's not me you should vote for it's a good friend of mine who some of you may already know:


her name is isa and she is an important and active member of the stardoll community. she recently won NCG for the 6th time without the help of a covergirl-club or 1000 broadcasts messages, her looks and suit are creative and innovative so i think if you look out for a different kind of MSW she may could be the one.

i keep my fingers crossed!

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(the interview is in german, i'm very sorry for those of my readers who don't speak it)

Graphisme Nr. 4

adela, 16, czechia

it's not ada's (her user name is a.d.a.1234 but i will call her ada for this post) sense of fashion which brought her here into my little doll hall of fame but her way of creating those magical compostions using the medoll as kind of an untouchable creature born in somebodys dreams but to get a better understanding of what i'm going to write about i will show you some of her works:




you can't call this simple dress up, it's far more elaborate. like a digital mashup in which different materials are becoming one and using the medoll as a a center. adela (the wonderful girl behind all this) says about her doll "she’s very useful, i can play with her, create new poses. i like that." she not only plays with her doll, she's leaving those normal medolls completely behind, it's nothing less than art!
"i was bored, thinking about doing something more than an outfit..."

to overcome the average is always something special and this goal is what adela's doll has managed to reach. i think her doll is a very good example for not being afraid of doing something "odd". of course it's always up to you what you want to be like and what your doll should look like but if you have reached a point where you are bored by your look or the look of your doll you should have the guts to get crazy. at least on stardoll you can always return to a normal utter appearance. "I started playing with it, doing compositions and later I stopped care about it". to be less concerned about what other dolls/people/users may think helped this doll to become an artwork so i don't think it's something bad isn't it, even if stardoll makes it very difficult sometimes for the users to do different things with their dolls.

 "most of my suite-looks are in chaos, you aren’t sure what it does mean but you can feel something." 

but what lays behind those digital "paintings"? as you may have noticed i had a little chit-chat with adela (you can find her quotes everywhere in this post ) and here is what she said about inspiration:

where do your inspiration come from?
the things i‘ve found the most inspiring are surreal art, music and people i’ve met. for example on stardoll it’s Alhane. i would call her „the queen of art“ because she always takes my breath, (...) sometimes i create suite-looks as a view for a song, like what I feel when I listen to music (...).

which artisits do you refer to?
i refer to many artists like René Magritte, Salvador Dali, Albín Brunovský, BANKSY. to be honest i refer to everything i like! for my suite-looks i feel like Albín Brunovský’s art is the most influentia. 

"it’s showing a part of me so it can’t be just an empty picture."

as you can see there's a lot of inspiraton behind her work, being a creative person myself i know what she means by "refer to everything (she) likes (...)" inspiration is everywhere and it helps you to get a different kind of view for the things around you. 
checking the artists adela mentioned albin brunovsky caught my attention. i was very impressed by his work but i could also see how massive his influnece on adelas doll is (which she said herself) so i thought i should show you some of his work: 



i think we can see the same mystical and dark artwork which dominates the suit-looks of ada. i personally am pretty touched be art like this, so i suggest you to visit ada's suit as soon as you have finished reading this post. she is not only one of stardolls most creative dolls (as far as i know) but adela (her creator) is a very nice persone too, who surely loves to answer you any questions you have, she also designs shirts and is currently selling some super rad tattoos. 

if you want to read the complete interview with adela aka a.d.a.1234 you have to wait a few days till i finished the graphisme archive where i will upload all my previous graphisme posts and where i will add this interview as a little extra for my beloved readers. so long ... 

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