LE Spring 2014

so yesterday the plaza got hit by a new LE collection, which took me totaly by suprise (when you didn't check USD for two days .... really everytime) but i was lucky and when i logged in, the collection just got released so i could pick all the items i really liked (had to choose quickly) and bought not to much. i mean you all know these typical LE situations where you panic and buy way to much ending up hating most of the pieces you bought (but hey you still can resell those later on).

so normaly if i manage to get a hold on a LE collection i post a little hole but due to the fact that i just released two posts i will keep this one short, and only show you two special pieces i bought and if you'recurious about the other stuff i purchased feel free to look in my medolls wardrobe.

so why are these two pieces special? some of you may even think they're not really the best pieces of this LE collection. the reason why i bouht them is they're inspired by ALEXANDER WANGS spring 2014 ready to wear collection. i think you can combine both the dress and the top with other pieces and create a really cool alexander wang inspired look. 

i think this is the original version of the LE dress.

 and this seems to be the original version of the LE sweater top.

some more wonderfull looks from this awsome collection. ALEXANDER WANG is already one of the brightest young designers and if you like fashion or are simply interested in young fashion design alexander wang is one of the first names you should get familiar with. it's always a sign when h&m knocks on your door and wants to collabroate with you, something which just recently happend to alexander wang. 

but what are my thoughts about this LE season. i think (like every LE collection) it has it's ups and downs but you can never go wrong with buing a few pieces. this time we have some nice pastel and mint colors and if'youre into those kinds of colors this is your collection but don't get me wrong we still can find those over the top pieces which will hardly ever fit in any decent outfit but it's LE and i've come the understanding that LE is not made to fit it's made to impress just like haute couture. so buy only what you really like and set yourself a financial limit, this will keep you happy even after your LE shopping adventure.

so long


Bazaar Treasures

recently i found two pieces from my wishlist. whishlists items are really a strange thing. mostly it takes months or ( if you're really unlucky) years to find those items as many wishlists containing the rarest of items. so i always kind of didn't wanted to put a wishlist together because it kind of provokes you to really start searching for those rare and super rare items. maybe thats why i put my wishlist in my album instead of my presentation so i don't have to look at those pieces all the time and go totally nuts because of it. a long time i didn't had the money nor the pacience to reduce my (already pretty small) whishlist. but as i said during the last weeks i was lucky and found two pieces. one i found at the bazaar for a still high but not outrageous price. the other one came to me from my dear SD friend KLADIAAA.


this top named top inspired by marni, is not only wonderful because of its calm and pale colors but because of its graphic shape. lately i'm really into a minimalist, pale colored  look so this shirt arrived just in time at my medolls wardrobe. 



the inspiration for the SD version of the shirt came from the 2010 fall ready to wear collection by the fashion lable MARNI 


the second piece is called flower printed oversized tee and was originaly released at the bonjour bizou store. i love the print, and i did once saw the original dress on a photo and SD really did a great job on this one. so i was happy to pay a bit more and get a great piece of (virtual) clothing.

so i could cross of these two items from my wishlist but there a still some items left and i thought i just show you which exactly, and if you happen to own a piece from this list and would like to sell or trade it please feel free to contact me via dolly message or write a comment in my guestbook.

 as you can see it isn't that many (:D)

so long


when i first started as a member of SD there where hardly any leather items in the plaza. a fact which really annoyed me back than becauce i've always been a sucker for leathery objects. not leather in general but the black rock chick leather. i'm a fan of post punk, garage punk and edgy rock n roll looks and in order to create those looks, leather (or pleather) is very important. don't get me wrong i'm not talking about biker gang leather pants or vests, its the elegant smooth leather items i'm fascinated by.







 CHRISTOPHER KANE / fall winter ready to wear 2010

  all photos taken from style.com

i would strongly recommend clicking on the label names, the websites are really nicely done and you can watch the latest fashion shows plus get some informations about the fashion houses.

so why am i jabbering about leather you may think. it's because i recently went for a shopping spree at starplaza, i missed the last two LE collections and i desperately needed new clothes for my doll, and found a suprisingly large amount of pleather and leather clothes. inspired by this pleasant suprise i thought why not make a new countdown post and show my readers some of my favourite 10 leathery objects from my medolls wardrobe.


cross leather skirt by saint laurent tribute (vintage)

why? the ruffles makes it a feminin piece and the zipper makes it sexy but not cheap, you can easily combine this with a white shirt and some black heels and  have a perfectly nice outfit. 

slim black pleather dress by msw shop (vintage)

why? i'm a fan of shape, and this dress has this really graphical shape but still looks smooth and not to edgy. 


hotbuys top 

why? its inspired by a piece chloe sevigny designed for openign ceremony and of course that's why i bought it but it also looks rad because of the pattern. 

pleather top by elle (vintage)

why? it has this really eccentric armer look and it fits really tight so you can underline your medolls figure. 


dress inspired by christopher kane by archive  (vintage)

why? christopher kane is really one of my most favourite designers, and this dress is another good example for his brilliant work, the combination of leather and lace has just a wonderful and special effect. 

floral pleather jacket by archive

why? also inspired by fall winter ready to wear 2010 fall collection, this jacket has a very romantic touch because of the floral patches. you can use it for espacially grunge inspired spring looks. 


pleather platforms by bonjour bizou + heavy weight black plattforms

why? i know those shoes have quite a reputation, as many other users i really adore my pair (which bought from the plaza not from the bazaar, lucky me). i always combine them with the black fallen angel plattforms to make them look a bit more edgy. 


midnight lurex pants by ppq

why? normaly i don't like leather pants but this one has a nice shiny fabric, it has a skinny cut but not to tight so you can use it for more casual looks. 


hot buys cheap monday bag 

why? its part of the first cheap monday wave which arrived at the plaza and i was very exited about it. i love cheap monday it's a wonderful brand. the bag goes with many different looks and this is exactly what a good bag is suppused to. 


hot buys vest by bonjour bizou (vintage)

why? this one of the oldest items in my medolls wardrobe i used it at least a 100 times.

so that was my leathery countdown i hope you guys enjoyed it. make sure to visit the plaza and buy some of those newest leather / pleather pieces. oh and the reason i haven't put those new things in the countdown is because i haven't had the time to create as many looks with those new things as i did with the  older garments i mentioned in the countdown. so maybe in a couple of months there will be a new countdown (haha). 

so long