LE Spring 2014

so yesterday the plaza got hit by a new LE collection, which took me totaly by suprise (when you didn't check USD for two days .... really everytime) but i was lucky and when i logged in, the collection just got released so i could pick all the items i really liked (had to choose quickly) and bought not to much. i mean you all know these typical LE situations where you panic and buy way to much ending up hating most of the pieces you bought (but hey you still can resell those later on).

so normaly if i manage to get a hold on a LE collection i post a little hole but due to the fact that i just released two posts i will keep this one short, and only show you two special pieces i bought and if you'recurious about the other stuff i purchased feel free to look in my medolls wardrobe.

so why are these two pieces special? some of you may even think they're not really the best pieces of this LE collection. the reason why i bouht them is they're inspired by ALEXANDER WANGS spring 2014 ready to wear collection. i think you can combine both the dress and the top with other pieces and create a really cool alexander wang inspired look. 

i think this is the original version of the LE dress.

 and this seems to be the original version of the LE sweater top.

some more wonderfull looks from this awsome collection. ALEXANDER WANG is already one of the brightest young designers and if you like fashion or are simply interested in young fashion design alexander wang is one of the first names you should get familiar with. it's always a sign when h&m knocks on your door and wants to collabroate with you, something which just recently happend to alexander wang. 

but what are my thoughts about this LE season. i think (like every LE collection) it has it's ups and downs but you can never go wrong with buing a few pieces. this time we have some nice pastel and mint colors and if'youre into those kinds of colors this is your collection but don't get me wrong we still can find those over the top pieces which will hardly ever fit in any decent outfit but it's LE and i've come the understanding that LE is not made to fit it's made to impress just like haute couture. so buy only what you really like and set yourself a financial limit, this will keep you happy even after your LE shopping adventure.

so long