Mcqueen Inspired Hairstyle (UPDATE)

a few weeks ago, SD launched a new collection of TRESS UP and one hairstyle really cought my eye right from the start.

it is a strict but yet relaxed kind of hairstyle. the only bad thing about it is when you combine it with the wrong look it can make your doll look like a 15 year old girl. but besides this it's just a dreamy lovely hair cut which i love.

recently i had time to look through the latest resort collections of this season and while i drifted from one perfect collection to another i also took a look at the ALEXANDER MCQUEEN resort 2015 collection (of course).

can you see it? yeah this hairstyle mcqueen is showing looks an awful lot like the SD hairstyle. of course this is just a happy little coincidence but i really smiled when i realised the simularity and i thought that i share my joy with you guys (hihi). sadly the SD hairstyle is no longer avalible in the plaza but if you missed out on it and really want to have it i think it is not that hard to recreate it with stardesign hair.  


two of my wonderful readers have informed me that the mantioned hairstyle is still avalible. you can find it at otherworld and not (like i thought) at tress up so there is still an chance for you to get your hands on it.

if you're interested feel free to click on the picture above and take a look at the complete ALEXANDER MCQUEEN resort 2015 collection i promise it is worth a peek. 

so long