LE (again ...)

so if you're the kind of SD-memeber checking USD on a daily bases i'm pretty sure you already knew that there is a new LE collection on the way, even the OFFICIAL STARDOLL BLOG (which is now being update more than ever before!) posted a sneek peak of the new LE logo. however we're not really suprised but i think that's a good thing because knowing LE is coming gives us the oppertunity to top up on cash and sell one or two things on the bazaar  preparing for the high costs coming with a new LE collection. 

i will be on vacation till the end of this week (23.6.2013) that means i won't be able to post my review for this collection till next monday, so if you're interested in my opinion regarding this new collection make sure to check this blog again next monday or tuesday but i won't leave you without a little statement.
looking at this collection all together i have to say it's really ugly but than i took a closer look on every piece by its own, putting it on my medoll and thought about how to combine it and after doing this i have to say this collection has some really nice and really wearable things that shouldn't be overlooked. ok that's it the rest is coming next week.

so long