Antidote Spring 2012

is out in starplaza. i was surprised how much better the clothes looked than they did in the spoilers i even broke my rule of avoid neon like bright colors.

i really went wild and bought much (for me it felt like this but someone who spend 5000 $ at LE may laugh now) i'm a huge fan of antidote sadly i never had enough money or simply wasn't a superstar when it came out but not this time. however i didn't went completely nuts as i liked the antidote collection before better and will try to get some of it when it's sellable at starbazaar so i needed to hold back some money. 

here is what i bought:

yellow spaceman tunic (45$), enjoy antidote top (40$), yellow zip moto miniskirt (40$) 

chill pill tee (40$), gumball jeans (40$), pill pop skirt (35$)  

  wolf bird crop sweater (35$)

green popstar glasses (25$), banded black pleather boots (35$)

  extra extra clutch (25$), kapow clutch (30$), pill pop necklace (20 $)

i think this collection is really well done, we have alot of inspiration from street art and pop art. the only think which annoys me a bit are the colors. we have a lot of pink (again) which make some of the clothes look like cheap barbie trash fashion but this a problem we have to deal with since SD hired a 10 year old girl (that loves her pony named starlight and is the biggest barbie fan ever!) which is now the leading graphic designer sorry but this is my only reasonable explanation for this color trouble.


as i wrote in the last post, it seems like the greatest influence (for the clothes) of this ANTIDOTE collection was the marvelous JEREMY SCOTT, especially his fall ready to wear 2011 collection, one of my fave collections of the last year (besides givenchy and meadham kirchhoff), towards scott his biggest inspiration for this collection were the ninetees "I was thinking a lot about 1994: going to school, getting dressed up to go to parties, the enthusiasm I had,"  he said after the show. and if you're a regular reader you already now how much i like the ninetees pop culture so its only logical that i was more than keen about this work of jeremy scott, however back to the pictures. here they are:


(only the glasses)

i hope i can figure out on which designs the other clothes are based on. at the end of the day what would a street/popart inspired ANTIDOTE collection would be without BANKSY and OBEY so if you don't know who that is you should really click on the names. but i'm pretty sure you have seen some of their works already wihtout realizing who or what it was. 

 thanks USD for this picture

this is it for now and if i find some more real life originals of the antidote clothes i bought i will put them here so check again on this post if you're interested.  the last thing i have is some eye candy for you. a video of JEREMY SCOTT's fall 2011 ready to wear  collection.

stay edgy