Chanels Dreamy Glitter Eyes

make up and stardoll isn't really my topic, i mean i do try to use make up on my medolls face but it's more a basic kind of thing. but recently SPLENDID got some new shiny pretty things which i just had to show to you guys.

this beauty look from chanels spring 2014 haute couture show didn't just did a good job on the runway but was extremly popular on the internet too. i've seen some instagram and youtube beauty gurus who did tutorials on how to recreate this sparkling look. why not?! this is a make up which fits perfectly for a girls night out, new year's eve or any other special night which involves drinking and dancing and having an awsome time. 



so if everybody is crazy for this look we could take it as a sign to transform it into a SD version. and we're lucky because just recently SD released the key essence of this chanel look, aka the glitter eyeline at their eyewear/accessories/jewlery store SPLENDID. 

as you can see i used splendid's new "glitter eye" item, and placed it the way i thought looked most natural, which was surprisingly difficult. when it comes to eyeshadow try to use earthy nude tones to give your medolls eyes more depth and an almost humanlike look. other than the glitter the chanel look is pretty modest so i decided to do the same, nude lips no blush (or if you want to just a hint of it) and some eyeliner.

these are the products i used to create the look, i don't know if you can still find all of the make up but you always find stuff that is almost the same so no worries. the most important things are the splendid "glitter eye" pieces, each costs 8 stardollars (makes 16 unless your medoll just has one eye) which kind of makes them expensive but when you really like the chanel look or chanel as brand you can create a neat make up tribute look with those glitter eyes and that is kind of cool, though if it is cool enough for you to spend 16 sd on it is your decision to make.

i hope you liked this small rushed post and maybe you can't wait to try this look so i won't keep you any longer just one thing before i sign off, if you want to make those glitter eyes really work make sure to check the chanels spring 2014 haute couture show so you can really breathe in the inspiration (and listen to sébastien telliers wonderful live performance) and make your doll a bit more chanel, wouldn't hurt would it?

so long