LE Spring 2014

hm? what to say about this new LE collection … first i was kind of suprised when i logged in at 10 am and the collection was already in store. i stormed right to the plaza, ready to buy grunge and hip hop inspired kate moss looks (this is how SD descriped the latest LE collection on their official blog) and you know that sound a a record does when you scratch the neeedle off of the record yeah that noise was repeating itself in my head when i saw the collection.


even though i was severely disappointed i still bought some pieces, i mean even though the collection isn't mind blowing buying some LE is never wrong as long as you manage to get the pieces which are selling out fast because those are the items you can sell later on (this maybe a selfish thing to do but if you look at the prizes at the bazaar selfishness is a popular thing on SD) but don't only buy it because of that just consider it when you want to buy something. 

belted dallas blouse (55$) tuscon blazer (135$)



mesh tank (70$) paris dallas top (58$)



electra fringe shawl (125$) sherriff chiffon maxi (220)



(all three pictures) zadig and voltair spring 2014 rtw

so this is what i bought from this kind of weird LE collection. most of those pieces are simple and easy to combine. i tried to really think about how i could use them in future looks and i also looked how popular they where so incase i don't like them anymore i could sell them for a good price. 

SD promised us grunge and all we got was a SD fashion version of the this horrible movie aliens vs cowboys. but when you look at the main sources of inspiration (ZADIG & VOLTAIRE, RODARTE) you get the hole grunge thing because those lables managed to transport this kind of grungy lifestyle with their collections. SD just totally failed on that task. they used the wrong colors and left out the pieces which made the original collections grunge to begin with for example the black motorcycle boots seen at zadig and voltair or the slightly seethrough flannelshirts at rodarte (which also appeard at DIRES VAN NOTEN already legendary grunge inspierd spring 2014 ready to wear collection). they don't used black the used this strange moss-green which can look grunge too but not if it's supposed to look like black but simply doesn't. it's again this childish like behavior SD uptains way to often. the intentions where good but they just couldn't do it. a little advice for the future do not give out any description of a LE collection before it's coming out ever again. people start imagine what (for example) grunge means to them and they end up being disapponited because SD seems to have a different opinion on grunge and how it looks like and the hip hop thing ... i still try to figure out which part of the collection that was. 

sorry for being negativ about LE once more but i needed to write all this. if you're a little upset know down below i have a video from the rodarte spring 2014 ready to wear collection. a collection which was used as a source of inspiration for this LE collection and a collection which hopefully restors your believe in fashion if you had lost it for a second while looking at this LE collections (haha).

so long