Minimalism (get the look)

after my research for this post i came to the conclusion that minimalism is pretty much the style i prefer in my life outside of SD which makes this post very special to me. i would like to show you a way of dressing down without looking boring which is the most difficult part when it comes to minimal looks. you can't really distract your audience with a huge amaunt of extravagance you have to express your message with shape and shape only! if you want to do this reading this post is exactly what you need. i'm going to show you how you can stay simple and edgy at the same time.

this video features a preview for ALEXANDER WANG's 2012 ready to wear collection and i've chosen it to get you guy's into the right mood for this post. the video pretty much shows all the things being important to create a decent minimal look: challenging shapes, modern cuts, exclusive fabrics and almost no color (i know the video is in black and white but click here and you can see that this collection is coming without almost no color). besides alexander wang JIL SANDER is a fashion house which shows how exciting and modern it can be to stop the extravagance and focus on the important and essential things.

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alexander wang pre fall 2013

... it is very difficult to create a calm and simple but edgy look as there is a difficulty in finding the right materials. first there aren't many things released which would fit into an reduced minimal look and if they are it seems like the average SD user  doesn't notice it at all until those things are vanishing form the starplaza (e.g. the pleather platforms or the rustle of wind skirt) suddenly those calm and unnoticed garments become rare and popular. but luckly the new nelly.com store offers lots of things you can use to create a look shown in the pictures above and don't worry it doesn't have to be high fashion but keep in mind it shouldn't be boring! so try to use pieces with a good graphic and a special appareance means a cut out top or shoes with an abstract shape.




looking at those outfits you may get an impression of what i'm trying to say. you see those clothes may look simple but they all have a special way of being simple. means they may are plane but a bold cut out and an asymmetric shape are giving them a unique way of excitment (i hope you know what i mean).

normaly beneath those pictures of recommended clothes i listed all the clothes up, with their right names lables and prices but i won't do this anymore as it is way to much work and i think if you are really interested in one of the piece feel free to contact me in my GB i'm glad to inform you where to get the item and how much i payed for it.

and if you want to start trying on your own now and have the feeling your closet isn't containing the right things for a minimal look make sure to stop by the nelly.com store i'm pretty sure you'll find the right stuff there.

before i will say goodbye to you guys i have two wonderful videos from two even more beautiful jil sander collections to give you a final impression of a perfect minimal way of dressing.


stay edgy