A Quick Confession

the weather here is way to good to be sitting infront of my laptop typing this post but hey i'm in a rebellious mood and just because everybody is sitting outside enjoying the sun i don't have too …

i though i share my latest stardoll obsession with you. as i mentioned in my post about stardolls way of evolving, wigs are becoming more and more important. instead of choosing between the hairstyles stardoll is offering, talented wig designer are gifting us with their wonderful creations. but where to find good wigs? that is a question i'd asked myself alot. i searched through dollywood and seldom found what i was looking for. of course i bought the blonde sasha luss inspired wig from XxXLachelleXxX and waited patiently for the short black bob wig by sorigugu. but those wigs where everywhere and i wanted something maybe a bit more natural. however someday i found the stardoll user cecyleivaa and i was so impressed by the hairstyles she had in her bazaar.

her wigs arn't "too polished" instead their are easy and comfortable looking while always having this edgy feel to them. just like hairstyles i would choose outside of sd. which is why i had to buy as many styles as possible.



i have a few more but those shown above are my abslut favourite righ now. cecyleivaas wigs just feel natural and fit perfectly with my medolls style. so if you're still searching for a wig that matches your medoll i suggest you pay cecyleivaa a visit. i for one am more than happy about finding those awsome wigs.

so long