I Don’t Think…

we’re in dollywood anymore, toto ... do you recognize it its a slightly different version of a movie quote a quote everybody seems to know ... the wizard of oz! i use to watch this movie with my mum ever year around christmas, i can sing along every song. i wouldn't say its my favourite movie of all time but it's a nice mother-daughter-tradition. the reason why i choose to focus on the wizard of oz at this post is simply because stardoll brought us this piece of movie history into the starplaza. i really like the idea and i have to say good job stardoll (wow! feels strange writing this ...). but in this post i would love to show you how i would set up a style inspired by the movie from makeup to a complete outfit. 

judy garland in the wizard of oz (1939)

this makeup gives  the medoll the typical dorothy look. 

to create this look i used simple and plain colors like the caramel shade stick to make the impression of shadow for a more vivid image. the white collection eyeshadow is used to highlight the eyelid. as dorothy has a natrual almost nude make up i decided to use just a hint of fusion coral brush ... this make up is really easy to recreate as the things you need aren't too expensive. maybe you already have them in your beauty parlor because i think those utensils are the basic for nearly every SD makeup look. oh! i almost forgot about the hair. if you want to make sure your doll looks like dorothy you can buy the dorothy wig at the film theory shop ... or you just look after a lightly waved hairstyle like i did for this look (i also bought the wig because its a really a simple and nice hairstyle which you can't get in the beauty parlor) and don't forget to dye the hair brown.


and now we can start with the clothes. it would take to much time to create an outfit for every character appearing in the movie, i just choose my favourite one ... the tin man. of course you can just visit the film theory shop and buy the outfit from you favourite character but i think it can be kind of fun to look through your wardrobe and see which clothes you can use for this special kind of dress up plus you can save some money and that is always good.

A_Horror aka the tin man ... 

i hope you like this look. it was kind of difficult to not look like a grey freak. the outfit is absolutely edgy i think but wearable means not too haute couture (to be honest its not haute couture at all ...) but it isn't too simple. i try to create as many details as i can. i would imagine this is how the tin man could look like if a designer used him as inspiration for a his/her collection.

 i used: relaxed james blazer by elizabeth & james (vintage), cloud print tee by bonjour bizou (vintage), weave knit top by LE (vintage), pantyhose by film theory (7$), mesh bag by mortal kiss (vintage), ivory twig headband by bonjour bizou (32 $c), metal strap wedges by LE (50$, btw those shoes are my absolut favourite thing which i bought during the last weeks at stardoll!), aviator glasses by otto (vintage), hotbuys silver necklace by tingeling (vintage) and the sharp bracelet by tingelng (2$c). 

stardoll wizard of oz version (i can't help it but the dolls starring in this picture with those rad costumes remind me of a pretty bad ass girl posse! well done stardoll).  

and the orginal film gang, uh i love this movie if you haven't watched it ever before you just need to get outside and buy it and watch it! it always makes me happy when i had a bad day or something stupid happend :) if you know what i mean. 

stay edgy