The Great Gatsby

for stardoll, ... the great what? i thought i should write a quick post about the new DECADES floors which are inspired by the book THE GREAT GATSBY by F. SCOTT FITZGERALD one of americas best known writers who also was part of the literature elite during the golden 20's. 

this year the book is refilmed, i think thats the reason why SD released 4 new decade floors filled with clothes which seems to be taken straight from the roaring twneties where the original book takes place. the mannequins are looking like the legendary flappers

the great gatsby is a wonderfull book and with only 180 pages its not that long i can really recommedn it to you. after i watched MIDNIGHT IN PARIS i was really into the 1920's and a person which really interests me was ZELDA FITZGERALD, and now with all these new clothes i can capture her attitude in my medolls appearence. i hope you're going to buy some pieces of the golden twenties for your closet too!

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