Hey There

due to the lack of excitement in our beloved dollywood i though i take the chance to advertise something which right now is a lot more fun than SD ... yes of course my tumblr. you may already have checked it out but if you're new here and kind of stumbled over this blog why not stumble over my tumblr too. i'm pretty sure you'll like it. and if you have a tumblr too you can tell me about it in my GB i will make sure to check it and follow you IF i like it (i don't see any point in following a tumblr only to be refollowed that's not my style you know...) 

ok that was enought self-promotion i kind of feel bad now ... but i really like tumblr and as this blog is a bit slow lately i just wanted to show you another side of my(virtual)self. 

so long 
(that maybe kind of my new goodbye line getting tired of the old one hope you like it)