Additon To The Family

yes NYMPH/ATTIRE has a new family member isn't that great !!! i'm proud to welcome THE BEST BARGEE BAR NONE to the list of our media partners owned by the awsome MILOSHKI. her blog (or actually she's using a tumblr) is so wonderful.  you can simply see she is putting alot of work into it.

her blog is mostly about fashion and sometimes she posts a little sentence about her experiences on SD which is very nice i think. i love the way she puts outfits together and she recently started to post $c outfits which is always helpful for those refusing to buy stardollars (perfectly understandable thinking about the last arrival at the plaza). she is is always on the look for fierce looking dolls and maybe you will find yourself on her blog someday just like my doll a few days ago.


this is our newest media partner i hope you check this blog out and maybe decide to bookmark or follow it i think she 100% deserves it. 

so long