i don't know if you ever visit the MR. shop at the starplaza and even if you may think those clothes are for male dolls this is nothing which should hold you back. even in my life outside of SD i often wear boy clothes (band shirts, jeans shirts, flannel shirts etc). of course you have to look carefully not all the male doll clothes can fit a female doll but at least the sweaters, jackets and shirts are pretty usefull.
so why am i telling you this because i found a wonderful sweater at the mr shop wich i have seen somwhere else before.

lion sweatshirt, mr. 13$ 

when i first bought it a few weeks ago i didn't even know where this design came from but i start finding all these pictures of a green version with the label name KENZO on it. you can see some of tthose pictures below. and KENZO is a great fashion house with a long tradition which recently got a fresh make over with their new creative directors HUMBERTO LEON and CAROL LIM.


as you can see the internet kind of likes this sweater as you can see the best thing about it is that you can use it in so many ways no matter if you prefer vintage, street or high fashion. of course an allrounder like this little fella is very popular in the fashion scene. 

this is the original way KENZO presented the sweater at they FW 2012 ready-to-wear show. sadly it's sold out but as the price was somewhere between 255$ - 355$ it was out of my budget anyway (sigh). i really don't understand why SD hasn't brought thet green girl sweater to the plaza (???).

stay edgy