Have You Seen

the last GIVENCHY spring summer couture 2012 collection? i did because this old french haute couture house is one of my favourite lables, i still dream about RICCARDO TISCI for givenchy fall 2011 ready to wear collection (which also appeard at starplaza but in such a bad quality and coloring i just don't want to talk about it anymore). but i'm getting of the point, if you have seen the latest givenchy haute couture collection you may noticed those quite disturbing jewelry the models have in their faces and hanging around their ears. if you haven't seen it i have some pictures for you down below. 

wearing those pieces of jewelry the models in a way reminding me of death angels (i know that may sounds strange) thats why i think the complete look is kind of disturbing plus the whole collection was presented in a sports hall which make the models look like they're really don't belong there in a magical and dark way. it's kind of hard to discribe it you have to watch it yourself.  the massive noserings and the huge earings are looking painfully beautiful like a silver/golden cage which is about to crush the bird which is living in it . i was really impressed when i first saw those pictures.

but why do i tell you all this, yesterday the SD jewelry store GLAMEROUS got some new additions. looking through the new things i found a SD version of the givenchy jewlery: 


i think it is pretty close to the ear- and noserings givenchy used. i bought all of them (accept the gold nose ring as the gold looks cheap) and i know some of you will call me crazy because i payed so much $ on earrings which are clearly now wearable on a dayly basis but i for those of you who think that way i would like to remind you that SD isn't or real life (in which i would never wear earings or noserings like that) and if you like those things buy them and create a look with it if some people write mean guestbook entries you shouldn't give a fuck because this is a game and you just have fun. i use also use SD as a plattform where i can creat looks which can't in my allday life just because i can't afford haute couture. i hope you get my intention. i was just so excited about the fact SD is selling this jewelry and i felt like i needed to share this happiness with you and maybe you are as happy about it as i am.

 my medoll wears: glam'rus silver nosering (76$c), oversized earrings (12$) and LE scale ruffle dress (200$) 

that's how i decided to use the givenchy jewelry on my medoll. the make up is also inspired by the make up givenchy used accept the lips which i decided to keep in a soft rose color. i think this looks actually pretty good. i know these earrings and noserings are difficult to match but if you find a way how to use them i think your medoll will at all events look different like all the others (in a very positiv way).

stay edgy