someone at stardoll is way to much into the whole suprise thing latley. who would have guessed that a new ANTIDOTE collection hits the plaza today ... not me thats for sure but still it wasn't one of SDs bad suprises (like kicking YOUNG HOLLYWOOD out of the plaza for good -.-) and i was  lucky as today is my last day of royalty membership  (yes its over for know i don't know when i will turn superstar again) so if the collection would have been released tomorrow i would have missed it ... yes lucky me i know.

i can't really decide if i love or just like this collection it really has it downs (yes the color choices made by a six year old again ... oh stardoll you will never learn it won't you) but it also has it ups (black and mint green what happend there so aaawsome!). before i continue my review here is what i bought:


i really like all the different styles you can find in this collection. on the above pictures i tryed to focus on those different styles, modern romantic, elgant sportswear and pastel nightlife. i think SD hardly ever releases a collection with so much diversity. so even if you don't want to spend alot of money you can still find a piece fitting your style. the dresses are very expensive but the complete collection doesn't seem that costly. the "looks like rain top" only costs 35 $ which is more than fair. my absolute favourite part is the last floor of the new store, the combination of mint green and black is simply genius and reminds me of old LE (just the color combination not the graphics).  as i said at the beginning this collection has its ups and downs and the biggest down seems to be the shoes. the colors are horrible and i don't like the shapes some shoes are looking like stright out of barbies wardrobe. 

so long