Breakfast Club (Get The Look)

i tell you i always get goosebumps while watching the ending of BREAKFAST CLUB which is one of my all time favourite movies ever. even though i wasn't even born when this movie hit the theatres i still think its message and value is still very modern for every teenager in the world who is struggeling with being what you want to be and finding the right way to fit in.

for all those who never heard of it please watch it (if you like this blog i'm pretty sure you will love this movie) but here is a little summary: on a saturday 5 students have to get detention, each on of them seems to be part of a typical highshool social group but during the movie those strict borderlines are vanishing more and more.

 click for the trailer!

as you can see each character has its very own style so it's visually clear for which of the social groups the person is standing for. so as you can see even though BREAKFAST CLUB really isn't a film about fashion clothes do play an important role. in the first part of this get the look i will take a closer look at the outfits of CLAIRE and ALLISON.

the princess

even though claire seems to be the popular girl with absolutly no mistakes we can see how this mask falls during the movie though her style stays very feminin. pink and brown are the main colors in her look. it's a classy and very elegant outfit but the skirt (made out of brown leather) that gives a little edge to it.

i try to turn clairs popular-girl-look into something more high fashion that's why i didn't picked a brown skirt instead i choose i very short skirt so the outfit doesn't loose its edge. if you want to recreate this look make sure to go with red hair,  use skirts and the color pink. i think there is a bit of a country style in this outfit so make sure to use boots and no high heels. you can find some very nice brown leather boots at the NELLY.COM shop.

the basketcase

allison is the odd quiet girl which everyone think is crazy. it almost seems she is dressed to not be noticed by anyone. there aren't any bright colors in her look means it's almost completely dominated by the colors black and grey. 

allison doesn't wear colorful or tight things, if you concider those two rules i'm pretty sure your tribute look will turn out just fine. don't use pants, try out some long skirts or like me one with a pattern similar to the one alisson is wearing in the movie. if you have black chucks in your medolls wardobe use them (sadly i don't have a pair). try a grungy black look but don't style your medoll to goth or punk.

this was the first part of my BREAKFAST CLUB (get the look) post the second part will be posted when i turn superstar again because right now i can't change my medolls face and that's kind of a problem if you want to create different looks. i hope you liked reading this post and of course i would be so flattered to see some breakfast club inspired outfits on your medolls so if you want to show me your work just contact me in my guest book and maybe i feature your allison or claire look in the next part of this get the look post.

so long