some of you may rember the mixtapes i posted on here which i created with the friendly help of 8TRACKS.COM and i really missed out on making those the last months so i took some time and created a special spring inspired mix and i will show you some nice SD pieces fitting right into this mix. i really like the new PRETTY N LOVE collection and i thought those would be the perfect focus for a spring related mixtape look (so this is a new thing on this blog and i also will create a special column for it so stay tuned for that one)




most of those pieces are still avalibal in the bazaar so if you feel this spring like warm feeling gohead and create some lovely looks with those floral pieces and i really hope my mixtape has got you guys into the right mood (oh and for your information on the future mixtape look there will be no wrting from me just picture of the theme related clothes and of course music i decided to do it like that because it sets the mood better.)

so long