is what skirts should be like this fall.  they are comfortable but classy you can easily combine them with the chunky sweater i wrote about last post. the perfect footwear are heels in the design of jeffrey campbell's LITA or slim shaped boots (for example chealsea boots), and as  you may already know you can find some really cool maxi skirts at SD too. i searched through my (not so small) wardrobe and found this 3 i can recommend to you:

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mortal kiss sheer maxi skirt (14 $) 

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its just a guess but i think the SD sheer skirt look pretty much like this one
and this one is originaly from urban outifitters

the above skirt let you creativity crash all its limits as its great to use for layerd outfits, the grey striped one is a must have piece if you're into the boho chic, its fabric could be jersey and reminds me of swedish street style hipster.  if you like this one you should try your luck and visit the starbazaar as it is no longer avilable in starplaza.

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bonjour bizou striped full length skirt (5 $)

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original this skirt is designed by topshop 

last but not least the newest maxi skirt you can find in the "SD mall" (speaking of mals seems like we're all little mall rats if it comes to SD), i recognized this skirt seems to be very popular around my dear SD friends i saw it playing an important role in some really cool outfits. 

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bonjour bizou rustle of wind skirt (10 $

i think the best thing about the maxi skirt is that it's a really feminin piece of clothes at one hand but on the other its not showing too much skin and isn't that what girl really want ... during a cold cold winter.

keep edgy and keep rad !