Ch Ch Chunky Sweater

autum is finally here and even the last sun addictet have to deal with it (i am one of those) and if the cold seasons have one positiv thing its the fashion you can finally wear, knit thights, long jackets, trench coats and my all time favourite pieces overzised sweaters and xxl loop scarfs (best choice are the ones made by amrican apparel). i personally think that chunky sweaters will be a must have this season, and its a really easy peasy outfit all you need is knit tights, leather boots and if the sweater is a bit too short a pencil skirt.

and as i always like to reflect my real life style to my virtual alter ego i create this cuddly look i just needed to share with you.

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the sweater is now avilable at the stardoll shop for 13 $

here some examples outside of SD

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keep edgy and keep rad !